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Quotes Sheri was a wonderful person to connect with through this site. She is calm, kind and has a great sense of humor. Sheri is very talented with the information she gave me. She gave a life lesson, not only in her reading, but during the course of our session. Patience, love of self, and boundaries were the key words. Sometimes it takes someone as gifted as Sheri is to teach those words and qualities. Thank you once again. Quotes
Debra McFadden
Aug 28 2016

Quotes I have now had two angelic and guide readings from Sheri and the second reading was just as amazing as the first! Sheri never ceases to surprise me with her humour and positivity. I couldn't have asked for a better reading! It was a quick response time, and she answered my question after my reading very promptly. Blessings and Love to all! Quotes
Jodi Holland
Apr 20 2016

Quotes I was dealing with a relationship issue that I needed clarification on. Sheri correctly identified the current state of the relationship even though I only gave her a general picture. She was able to give me invaluable insight into the situation. In hindsight, my gut feel about the way forward was confirmed by what Sheri saw in the reading. I believe she saw the situation correctly, and her comments and observations will help me to make the correct choice in this situation. Thank you Sheri! Quotes
Gunter Hatze
Apr 6 2016

Quotes First of all I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Sheri for the reading I had received a while back .. My Son had passed a yr ago and Sheri was able to connect with him and send me messages .. I often would go back to my email and read it for comfort on my bad days or to gather some of the information she had sent me . Everything she sent me seemed spot on .. I find her very inspirational & refreshing... so again I just would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping me heal .. She is a true Angel ... Those of you who are skeptical ... don`t be I was at one point too ... Thank You Sheri Love & Light <3 Quotes
Kim Turner

Quotes I had my first reading with Sheri and was totally surprised on how accurate she was. She was able to give me insight that I didn't have and provide some excellent recommendations on how to move forward which I am following. As I have a a lot going on in my life, I am happy to have found such a caring and gifted psychic that can help me on my life journey. I believe I will get to where I want to be in my life with Sheri's spiritual counseling and guidance. Sheri leaves you feeling empowered. Quotes
Virginia Chambers
Mar 19 2016

Quotes I first contacted Sheri about 2 months ago...and I proceeded to ignore every piece of her advice, and failed epically because of it. My own stubbornness cost me dearly, but I went back to her and apologized. After she assured me no apology was necessary, she continued to help guide me to hearing my Angel's myself, and attracting good things in my life. I asked her a "One question email" question, and she told me exactly what I needed to hear at that moment, in order to admit and face some truths, and to accept myself. She later clarified what she meant, and instead of sadness, there was peace and knowledge that I would be ohm anyway. This morning she sent me a long email message from my Angel's that are watching over me. It was a lot o take in, and I still don't think that I've fully absorbed it, but she was spot on on the issues that needed addressing in my life. She also told me about a social media for just spiritual posts and support. Sheri has gone out of her way to help me. Quotes
Clarity from Angel's

Quotes Sheri was spot on with how she told me a bank meeting would go. As i was sitting in the meeting they said exactly what she said they would. Quotes
John Brennan

Quotes Sheri- Wow is all I am able to come up with. The first sentence in the reading was so powerful. I awoke the following morning feeling at peace as if something has been lifted. If it makes you feel better then how can you deny the power? Give this a shot Quotes
Kristina Voronyuk
Grounding Experience

Quotes I absolutely love receiving a reading by Sheri because she won't hold back on what really needs to be said whether it's her own advice or a message from your angels. She truly cares about the growth of others and encourages people to look within themselves and figure out what makes them truly happy and not to be afraid to chase after your dreams. She is very professional, caring, and patient. I recommend to anyone seeking guidance to speaking with her. Her gift is amazing. Quotes
Brittany Calaro

Quotes I had an email reading with Sheri. After a couple of months I am starting to see the things she talked about. I had one question in my mind, which she did not know. The first sentence of my reading answered the question. Many other things in the reading have happened and I am amazed by her accuracy. Thank you Sheri for your kind words and wisdom. Quotes
Marco Sarnelli
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