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Spiritual Awakening E-Course Level I - Connection To Your Source


Are you just awakening your spiritual self and don't know where to go from here? Do you have questions and conflicts within yourself? Do you wonder why is this happening when I'm being true to my new nature of spirituality? Or is it basic understanding of your journey that you need?

This course is a 10 week on line course which will help you to understand this journey better as it relates to you. It will teach you how to connect to your personal spiritual power and be prosperous at the same time without getting caught up in the material world. You can totally transform your thinking, your inner self, your life and the outcome of your life by adapting these steps to your every day life.

Learn how to develop your spiritual awareness and let go of fears and insecurities.

You will learn how to accept your personal power, forgive yourself and others that you never felt you could, detach from those things that hold you back, manifest your life in a way that you never dreamed possible and what initiative and action needs to take place in order for these dreams to become a reality.

One requirement of this course, is your personal commitment. There is homework and self evaluation and analysis involved and you must be totally honest in order to make this wonderful transformation.

I will be available via email for any questions, assistance or blockages which you come across.

Week 1 - Establishing the True You, Your Starting Point to Who You Are

Week 2 - The Subconscious Mind, Meditation and Responsibility

Week 3 - Listening, Gratitude and More Meditation

Week 4 - Prayer, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Acceptance

Week 5 - Bringing in the Divine Light to Deepen Your Connection to Source and Creating a Sacred Space

Week 6 - Discovering Your Life Purpose/Journey, How You Can Be of Service to Others

Week 7 - Crystals and Nature Totems, Their Enhancement in a Spiritual Journey

Week 8 - Law of Detachment, Law of Attraction

Week 9 - The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe

Week 10 - Where Are You Now, Compared to Where You Were at Week 1

During this course, you will also learn to connect to your guides, angels and Source through your dreams, thoughts and automatic writing.  You will also discover your Divine life purpose and how you can be of service to others and love what you are doing.

Today, you awaken and each day you will become more aware of your true self. This is an exciting time for each one of us. Let me assist you to tap into your inner being and become everything you already know deep down inside you should be.

If you require to purchase this via payments, there are two options available.

The first option is  $77.00 which will be billed to you via paypal every two weeks for the duration of the course.

The second option is two payments of $192.50  which will be billed before the first lesson is sent out and again before the 6th lesson is sent out.

If you require payment arrangements, please email me at and put the name of the course you are interested in the subject line.


I really enjoyed taking the Spiritual Awakening E-Course - Connection To Source. I found the course to be very beneficial to my spiritual development. There is a lot of helpful and useful information in this course! Sherri is very giving of her time, and is quick to respond to all of the lessons. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to grow their spiritual awareness!- Laura T. 

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