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For those of you that don't wish to go through the Click4Advisor button on the main page, I offer live readings via telephone via Paypal as well.     You will receive 45 minutes and in that time frame it can be a general, you may give me specific questions or ask questions as we go.  It is your reading so you may do what makes you comfortable.The intuitive readings that I provide are always done from a place of love, never fear. They are positive and full of spirit energy as passed through me to youWhen you place your order, you will receive a private email affirming receipt of the order and setting up a time for your reading.  It may be done immeidately within 30 minutes of the order or a time that is more conviennt to you if required.    The reading will be  from your spirit guide and/or angelic messenger - whichever modality speaks to me at the time of the reading. Sometimes it's both, sometimes one will be more dominant.CANADIAN RESIDENTS ... As the fees are in US Funds, Canadian residents can submit payment in Canadian funds via e-transfer to . The total price is $169.50 ($150 plus $19.50 HST). I can also take payment via Mastercard or Visa now (Canadian residents only) Then email your phone number and information to Do not go through the checkout on the site as it will take you to the US Paypal.What is your name, email address and phone number ?

45 min Phone Reading

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