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Every testimonial is greatly appreciated. If you wish to submit one for the site, please email it to with the word TESTIMONIAL in the subject line and it will be posted. I had to change the format of submitting testimonials as there were too many marketing and spammers filling in the form. Thank you to all that have written kind words, again, it is truly appreciated.

Sheri Baldwin

Thank you so much Sheri, this all makes a lot of sense :) I do sense amazing things are coming this year as I am overdue for that. Have an amazing weekend :)


Michelle LaLonde


Very kind and accurate with the psychic and advisory work. ALL IN ONE! Helped understand the situation, and gave me tools to move forward. Definitely will call again. Thank You.


Susana Calas


Thank you so much for your reading. I was very happy having a message from Gaia. We were talking the other day having an offering to the mother earth. In our culture we call her “Mae Tho Ra Nee” meaning Mother Nature. So glad she came through! .Archangel Michael..Yes I asked him to protect me & my family and give me courage on my new journey to come so happy he heard me! Thank you to the other Angels I feel blessed having lots of them around me and messages were what I needed to hear.


Mem Mala


Sheri. Thank you for an awesome reading. I feel like I'm already starting to heal and needed that closure to confirm what was my gut feeling. Thank you.


Wayne Jackson


Sheri is spot on with her written channeling. She can access so many realms of Angles, and she genuinely cares. She is loving, kind, and honest. She also is very good at helping to bring lost souls to the light. We did so together with Archangel Zadkiel, over the phone. Her heart is true, her prices are great, her classes are amazing,


Kitoto Von Hebb


Sheri was a wonderful person to connect with through this site. She is calm, kind and has a great sense of humor Sheri is very talented with the information she gave me. She gave a life lesson, not only in her reading, but during the course of our session. Patience, love of self, and boundaries were the key words. Sometimes it takes someone as gifted as Sheri to teach those words and qualities,. Thank you once again.


Debra McFadden


I contacted Sheri when I was trying to make some life decisions that were dragging me down. Her compassion and truth was what I needed at that time to figure out my next steps on my path. She gave me clear direction and choices and I am moving forward. Thank you.


Ole Faoktova


I have now had two angelic and spirit guide readings from Sheri and he second reading was just as amazing as the first! Sheri never ceases to surprise me with her humor and positivity. I couldn't have asked for a better reading! It was a quick response time, and she answered my question after my reading very promptly. Blessings and love to all!


Jodi Holland


I was dealing with a relationship issue that I needed clarification on. Sheri correctly identified the current state of the relationship even though I only gave her a general picture. She was able to give me invaluable insight into the situation. In Hindsight, my gut feeling about the way forward was confirmed by what Sheri saw in the reading. I believe she saw the situation correctly and her comments and observations will help me to make the correct choice in this situation. Thank you Sheri!


Gunter Hatze


First of all I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Sheri for the reading I had received a while back. My son had passed a year ago and Sheri was able to connect with him and send me messages. I often would go back to my email and read it for comfort on my bad days or to gather some of the information she had sent me. Everything she sent me seemed spot on. I find her inspirational and again I just would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping me heal... She is a true Angel... Those of you who are skeptical..don't be as I was at one point too... Thank you Sheri Love & Light <3


Kim Turner


I had my first reading with Sheri and was totally surprised on how accurate she was. She was able to give me insight that I didn't have and provide some excellent recommendations on how to move forward which I am following. As I have a lot going on in my life, I am happy to have found such a caring and gifted psychic that can help me on my life journey. I believe I will get to where I want to be in my life with Sheri's spiritual counseling and guidance. Sheri leaves you feeling empowered.


Virginia Chambers


I first contacted Sheri about 2 months ago..and I proceeded to ignore every piece of her advice, and failed epicly because of it. My own stubbornness cost me dearly, but I went back to her and apologized. After she assured me no apology was necessary, she continued to help guide me to hearing my Angel's myself, and attracting good things into my life. I asked her a "One question email" question and she told me exactly what I needed to hear at that moment, in order to admit and face some truths, and to accept myself. She later clarified what she meant, and instead of sadness, there was a peace and knowledge that I would be ohm anyway. This morning she sent me a long email message from my Angels that are watching over me. It was a lot to take in, and I still don't think that I've fully absorbed it, but she was spot on in the issues that needed addressing in my life. She also told me about a social media for just spiritual posts and support. She has gone out of her way to help me.




Sheri was spot on with how she told me a bank meeting would go. As I was sitting in the meeting they said exactly what she said they would.


John Brennan


Sheri - Wow is all I am able to come up with. The first sentence of the reading was so powerful. I awoke the following morning feeling at peace as if something has been lifted. If it makes you feel better than how can you deny the power? Give this a shot!


Kristina Voronyuk


I absolutely love receiving a reading by Sheri because she won't hold back on what really needs to be said whether it's her own advice or a message from your angels. She truly cares about the growth of others and encourages people to look within themselves and figure out what makes them truly happy and not to be afraid to chase after your dreams. She is very professional, caring and patient. I recommend to anyone seeking guidance to speaking with her. Her gift is amazing.


Brittany Calaro


I had an email reading with Sheri. After a couple of months I am starting to see the things she talked about. I had one question in my mind, which she did not know. The first sentence of my reading answered the question. Many other things in the reading have happened and I am amazed by her accuracy. Thank you Sheri for your kind words and wisdom.


Marco Sarnelli


This was my second reading with Sheri and I feel so confident seeking her advice. She has such a beautiful maternal quality to her readings. When I read her words I know everything is going to be OK. I believe in her tremendously. She's given me wonderful advice and insight into my relationship and her thoughtfulness has given me the strength in knowing I deserve a great life and she's helping me manifest that. I highly recommend her if you want your reading to come from a place of love.


Lucy Brown


Sheri is very inspirational! The messages I have received had a deep and lasting impact on me. I emailed Sheri with a question asking for clarification on a few points and she promptly replied with a detailed response. Blessings sent your way Sheri. I will use her services in the future.


A Believer


Thank you Sheri for providing such a thorough reading - it was very insightful and gives me a good direction insofar as how to further develop my gift. I look forward to reading up on the online course you offer!


M Royal


I had a reading with Sheri and found her to be insightful, caring and honest. She gets to the root of the problem. she has helped me see things as they are, not how I want them to be. She is helping me break free from the past so my future will be better. I thank you Sheri.


SB Very Satisfied


I have now had two readings from Sheri and I think she is brilliant! During the first reading she gave me lots of intuitive advice about being in touch with my inner spirit and following guidance from within. During the second reading, she gave me tangible advice about the present and future with very specific information. On both occasions, she was positive in her approach and even followed things up with a post-reading email containing valuable resources. Highly recommended!


Veronique Olin


I asked Sheri for a response to a single question via email. She answered me with a full, detailed 2 1/2 page report, honing in on even subordinate implications to my question. -- I have consulted psychic readers re this identical question multiple times in the past, and many told me to believe in and have confidence in the outcome. But while Sheri reiterated this pronouncement, she added a beautiful gratitude to reinforce my affirmation of belief and success. This could make a difference!


Mara Cunningham


I really enjoyed taking the Spiritual Awaking E-Course - Connection To Source. I found the course to be very beneficial to my spiritual development. There is a lot of helpful and useful information to my spiritual development. There is a lot of helpful and useful information in this course! Sheri is very giving of her time, and is quick to respond to all of the lessons. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to grow their spiritual awareness!


Laura T


My reading with Sheri was great and I had the opportunity to both speak with her and have a full written reading done. Sheri is very inspirational and really hit on topics dead on. I look forward to having her read for me again!!!


Cynthia - Satisfied Manager


Sheri was fantastic! I could instantly tell that she was led by her spirit guides as so many of the messages had a direct impact on my life and several of them were being repeated. These were areas that I also needed to work on. She was clear and provided guidance and explanations of the messages she received and seemed to pick up on things even I had forgotten that were troubling my spirit. I couldn't recommend her more highly.


Veronique Gaston


This is the best reading I've had a a long time. Sheri is the real deal. Time ran out before the reading was completed but I will definitely be calling her again very soon. I actually felt angelic forces around me during this reading and have been much happier and positive ever since. Thank you Sheri. Will be hearing from me soon.


Marilyn Frett


Thank you Sheri for your insight into my situation. Your thoughtful reply to my single question clarified and illuminated several key points some of which I hadn't been able to see for myself. It's also nice to have the answer in writing because I can read it over and over again and think about each aspect in detail. I appreciate your sage advice very much.




I just had an amazing reading from Sheri. Sheri's readings are so compassionate and honest. I am struggling with several things in my life and she knew exactly what the problem was and gave me advice on how to overcome these obstacles. I would recommend her because she is so caring and has a true gift. Thank you Sheri!


Virginia Collins


I had ordered a "Love Letter from Spirit" for my son. The letter was so detailed and described exactly what my son was feeling. The letter gave my son the courage to face the challenges that he was experiencing. I thank sheri for sharing her gift and providing the message that he needed to hear. Sending Love and Light!


Virginia - Satisfied Mom


Sheri was a guest on my radio show in 2012. She was sharp, insightful and right on time with her deliver on the show's topic and subject matter. I had no doubt whatsoever in her ability and is why I wanted her to work for me. I am about to release a movie titled "Do What You Love: A Path to Passionate Living' and was looking forward have the movie reduced to it's vibrational root number so I choose the most strategic date to do that. With Sheri's help I am confident I achieved my objective!


Keith Anthony Blanchard


Your gift of the 'mini numerology reading' really 'hit the nail on the head' about me! So accurate, a little uncomfortable too. I feel so blessed to be given an opportunity to be shown how I can live out my life path in a more peaceful and enriched way. Thank you Sheri and spiritual guides for passing on this valuable information to me. I look forward to more...


Lisa - Inspired Spirit


Thank you for a great reading. I was especially impressed by your thoroughness and quick response. There is much to digest but I am confident that your guidance has played a lovely part in my personal awakening. Thank you.


Dora from Ontario


I had a reading with Sheri when I was at a big crossroad in my life. Through her gentle yet inspirational guidance and information I was able to see things clearly.


Tara Stewart


I have psychic ability, but when confronted with questions about my own life path, and am attached to the outcome, I am not able to center and hear the guidance. Sheri was immediately able to see my inner being, observe my distorted thinking, and help me align with spirit for the greatest good. I asked about career/finance and after chatting with Sheri, I have a much calmer, centered feeling about my upcoming interview and employer options.


Mary Pauly

When I needed Sheri, she was there with a very fast turn around. I am grateful for her guidance and help. I am following her advice and looking toward a happier time in my life. Thank you Sheri!


Deborah Gesaman


Sheri was such a blessing to find. I have only visited a psychic once and that was 10 years ago so I felt ready to see another one recently. I felt strongly that Sheri was the right fit after reading all these wonderful reviews. I felt like I was talking to a wise friend who was speaking from her heart and was guiding me in the direction I needed to take. Her reading was welcomed and appreciated and full of positive energy and love. Highly recommend :)


Lucy Brown


I had my reading with Sheri Baldwin this evening and I had planned on writing about it as soon as I got of the phone with her, but two things happened after we hung up. I had lost my handicapped parking sticker the other night, and my girlfriend searched her car along with her daughter and neither one could find it. As soon as we hung up, my girlfriend sent me a text saying she found it in her car! Sher had given me some incite as to some medical issues my daughter and I are having right now, and told me to let my angels in. I was looking up my angels when I got off the phone, and that's when my girlfriend texted me. I was so excited I had to call her and tell her what happened! She also told me my daughter was holding something inside but didn't want to tell me what it was. When I got done with my friend, my daughter can in the room and wanted to talk and really opened up to me! So Amazing!!! Thank you Sheri for your talk and opening my eyes to my angels!


Carolyn Gardner-Grausgruber


Sheri was amazing! She told me things that I knew deep down inside to be true and that had to be validated by someone other than me. It was like I was waiting for permission to allow myself to move forward and Sheri helped me see what I needed to do so. Thank you Sheri. I will use your services in the future! You are truly blessed!


Jodi Holland


I was prompted to call Sheri today for clarification on many years long upsetting situation. Her insight was immediate and accurate. Her advice was very helpful for me to move out of the confusion. Compassion and kindness comes through with her every word. Sher was the very first in a long line of psychics, healers and spiritual counselors whom I have contacted in the last 11 years who was of real help to me. I feel Sheri is absolutely authentic!


Elisabeth Carroll


She was my first reading ever and it was very insightful.


Jennifer Strong


I called Sheri after finding her profile at Best Psychic Directory. I was really happy to hear Sheri describing me and my goals the exact way they are. Her positive predictions were totally aligned with what I was expecting to hear. She confirmed what I wanted to hear WITHOUT knowing my thinking. I will definitely call Sheri soon again.


Alcira Borras From the Windy City, Chicago


Sheri's psychic abilities are phenomenal. She gives very detailed information and insight on all topics. She will tell you the truth on all subjects and walk you through your course of life. I definitely will be contacting her again.


Brian Ser


Thank you so much for taking my call today. It is so reassuring to hear that an angel already took care of Chupa on the other side. I just hope we had given him a great life for all the love he had given us. It is so sad to see him gone but I know at least in my heart that he no longer suffers.Just before he was gone, he had given me a tender look and licked my face. I guess that is his way of reassuring me that everything will be ok. Now that he is no longer with us, we feel a great void. He is not just a pet ot us but our child. We miss him dearly. Thank you very much for listening.




I am so happy with my reading, I just needed that boost in my life right now. With everything going kinda wrong, knowing it will be alright I just feel much better! Sher was such a sweetheart on the phone, she talked ot me like a mother would do no those down days, she gave me that boost! And more hope in my future! I will definitely call again! Thank you so much Sheri!


Melissa Boga


I have been going through a spiritual transformation this last year and really needed some guidance. Sheri is the real deal!! God has blessed her with a wonderful gift! She was spot on with my reading. I feel very secure with where I am currently in my life's journey. She is very pleasant to interact with and answered all my questions. I will go to her for more readings in the future and will refer her to family.


Laura Thomas


Sheri touched on a couple of things going on in my life that she could never have known. She has been given a great gift. I will certainly refer my friends and family to her. Thank you Sheri for giving me the peace I so badly needed.


Lyn Ginter


Sheri has confirmed for me that I'm on the right path on the way I see my life and has encouraged me to see the beauty in everything. I'm so glad that I met with her. She also reminded me of my true potential, my GOD given right and for that reason alone I am so thankful. Thanks again Sheri xoxoxo


Samantha Ladson


Now that 2014 has arrived, I have been questioning myself. Am I on the right path or is there something else I should be doing. Well I turned to Sheri for advice and some wisdom through her intuitive reading. I believe the reading I received was quite accurate. She relayed to me just release any doubts and fears that I may have an move forward with confidence and continue to stay positive along this journey. She tated, there is nothing in my way as long as I am full of joy, loving and believe that whatever I set my mind to, I will accomplish it. God has a plan for all of us. As long as I stay on course, be open to receive, she stated I will keep attracting more of everything I want. Can't ask for anything more. Thank you Sheri!


Deb D from New Jersey


I have had a couple of readings with Sheri and I know her to be a kind soul. Her reading was accurate and it felt like Spirit was providing the next lesson in my soul's evolution. After my reading with her, I was able to call upon my Higher Self and just felt at peace with the direction that my life was moving in. Thanks Sheri and be blessed.


Jas Dhillon


I was very hesitant to get a reading then I lost my set of house and car keys. It was in the back of my mind for months before I lost the keys and that's when I decided it was the right time to get a reading. What was said did not help me find my keys but it did help me rediscover myself, reassured me of my strengths and put my heart at ease in regards to my flaws. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and so many other people who reach out looking for their keys and end up finding themselves. Thanks.


Tracy Anne from Canada


I asked Sheri to read for me because at the time I was going through something traumatic and I just needed some guidance. When I first read the letter I was a little confused by the focus of the reading but as time has gone by and I re-read my letter, I fully understand and appreciate what my angels had to say. I was in so much pain I wanted someone to tell me what to do or even how to feel about what had happened. Never in a million years would I have predicted that what we were going through as a family would have ended up being just what we needed to pull us back together. There has been such sadness but there has also been such peace and even joy. I'm not sure I would want to endure this last year again BUT I'm grateful for the lesson and for my angels putting Sheri in my path to help me hear what they were trying to say but I was in too much pain to hear.


Robin from Ontario


Dear Sheri, I don't know where to begin as there are no words to express my total gratitude to you for your wonderful reading(s). What can I say other than I had no other experience like I have with yours, you're absolutely great, down to earth and 100% accurate. You sure nailed it and most of all, I appreciate your matter of fact way of approaching the entire situation. Thank you, thank you, thank you and until next time, keep up the good work. Love and light to you


Anna Maria


I came across Sheri's site by chance some would say but i honestly believe everyone is placed in your life just as you need them and boy did I need some guidance on many different life situations and I was truly blessed to not only have her get right back but also she gave me the piece of mind I needed badly. She gave me some very personal insight and how to deal with current situations that I have been stressing over. So thank you Sheri for sharing your gift of spiritual guidance and reassuring me I already knew the answers but it isn't time for me to find them because I have much healing to do with my daughter's passing and recently just lost a dear friend, so I have stepped back and followed your advice and the anxiety and stress has thankfully eased up too. so THANK YOU and please keep sharing your amazing gift and stay blessed.


Kyla - Angel Mom 2 Cheanelle - Amazing


A reading that touched my soul: When I received the reading I was not expecting to find so many interesting and valuable advice. I enjoyed every word and phrase which seems indeed to come from a Divine source. It has touched my soul. I am grateful for meeting Sheri. I recommend Sheri's reading to everyone open to finding answers for significant issues in her/his life. God bless you Sheri!


Mugur from Romania


I want to thank you so very much for my reading. Such a beautiful experience! The messages I received were exactly what I needed to hear. I received answers to all of the questions and concerns I had and so much more. I was given such wonderful encouragement and guidance in continuing steady on my path and growing towards my full potential. Thank you again! Love to you.




The reading was exactly what I'm going through in my life. I am going to let go of he past and Trust in the beautiful future ahead of me, thank you for your guidance and confirmation in my path. Love, light and blessings to you always.Thank you Sheri!


Paul Muscat


I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you Sheri for giving me the honor of a free reading. Let me tell you that you are absolutely amazing. If anyone needs a reading, you are surely the one for the job as you are spot on and honest about it as well as sensitive about most delicate matters. Thank you Sheri. Keep up the good work and God bless you always, love and light.


Anna from Canada


Dear friend, I just read your reading. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! This is so life affirming for me. It resonates truth and integrity. I am living a Miracle Mindedness existence. Yes I am Blessed and Very Very Grateful!!!! Bless you angel (Angels are God's messengers).


Denis from Canada


I can't thank you enough for my reading. I absolutely loved it. You are spot on and I will definitely be recommending everyone get readings from you. Many blessings to you.


Helen from Australia


Thank you Sheri. It was what I needed. I was smiling and felt warmth when reading it. I was overjoyed with what the angels told you. You are truly amazing.


Adal M


I'm still a little confused on a few things but the rest was really insightful! Thank you


Cathy from USA


Sheri you have a true gift and I am honored that you shared it with me. Everything you told me was exactly where I was going or heading to. It was very reassuring to know that I am following the right path and the advise you gave will keep me going in the right direction. I am very interested in learning more from you my friend. Thank you.


Fran from Canada


It is sooooooooo amazing! Spot on! I have been smiling even more than uusal ever since I read the first page of the reading yesterday. This reading has given me support, peace of mind, insight, reassurance and comfort that I am sure a lot of things besides I can't even put into words right now. Your reading definitely got me another step in the right direction!


Tirza from Germany


"Your existence is being watched by the Master and He is pleased" has struck a cord with my soul. It has deeply moved me and it's still sinking down to my soul. I do believe in Him and now with His help, little by little, I have to start walking again.


Gabriella from Italy


Wow that was something. You had me welled up!


Darlene from London


OMG Sheri! What are you waiting for, get out there and market your talents. This is the best reading I have ever had. So detailed and precise. You should have people lined up waiting for readings. Thank you Great Reading.


Ron T


This is amazing. I will use it in my book as a tribute to you. I told you that you are amazing!! Keep doing them, they are great!


Rose J


Wow Sheri, This was great. I really did enjoy it. You give great advise. Again, Sheri this has helped me more than you will ever know.


Karen G

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