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About Me

My name is Sheri Baldwin and I have been on the most miraculous spiritual journey over the past several years.

I am an intuitive reader who provides e-readings through contact with spirit guides and angelic messengers. This is a wonderful gift which I love sharing with you. Readings are available 24/7 and are totally from a place of love, not fear. (Please check out the feedback on the Testimonials page) Readings are available via E-readings, Instant readings, call back readings of your choosing and time.

Around 2008, I walked away from my full-time employment to further my studies and become more at one with the world around me. I am here to pass along this teaching to you and as such, you will be able to contact your own spirit guides and guardian angels and receive the answers you seek. You will be able to manifest for yourself, heal and understand why there is only one goal in life, the goal of unconditional love. You may also choose to have an in-depth reading or take a workshop or e-course to further your own spiritual journey.

For those of you that are beginning your journey or have questions along the way, I have put together a transforming Spiritual Awakening e-course which takes place over several weeks which gives you a chance to explore yourself, find answers and have the counseling when you need it to help move onto your next step.

My Reiki training began in 2002 and I am now a certified Reiki Master/Teacher. As time passed, and with years of practice and participation in different realms of the metaphysical world, I have been blessed with gifts that help me grow stronger in my abilities. I offer hands on as well as distance healing.

In July 2015 I completed my Medical Reiki Certification from the world renowned Raven Keyes who works with Dr. Feldman, Dr. Oz and several others through the NY Columbia Hospital. This has trained me for the protocols and different energies to use when accompanying a client into the Operating Room when they are having surgery or the treatment rooms when they are having chemo and so much more. I have been allowed into the pre-OR,recovery and post-OR to date and am looking forward to this next step in my journey. This certification has also enhanced my energies when doing Reiki whether distance or in person. I have the heart of a healer and send positive healing energy to all.

A few years back, I had the opportunity to attend some workshops with Dr. Sharon Forrest from Vancouver, Canada to receive my attunement in CCMBA, Egyptian Numerology and Past Life Regression healing training. This has provided me with more insight to the people I read.

Crystals and their benefits has been a long standing passion of mine. I have been actively learning about the background around each stone as it pertains to life and each one of us. I have a diversified selection of crystals on hand and will be offering them for sale in the near future. I spend valuable time in nature with my special totems - the eagle, the red tail hawk and the owl as it is so wonderful to absorb their energy and knowledge and messages. It is such a treat when I can speak to others and learn of their totem experiences.

Currently I am in the process of writing my book of spiritual enlightenment and the adventure it has been to get here. It has been such a wonderful journey once I was able to let go and live which is the message which I would like to share with all. It in itself, has been an emotional journey of healing, releasing, forgiveness where the results have been renewal and rejuvenation. I am so excited that this is nearing completion (at least this chapter of my life). There is so much more yet to discover and learn in our vast Universe.

So again, welcome to the Soaring Free Spiritual website. Please enjoy.

Namaste, Sheri Baldwin, RT

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