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The Power of the Moon

This is a picture of the October 31, 2020 Blue Moon.   Hmm. It's not blue at all. However, it is big and bright and full. It is powerful in its energy and the gifts that it enhances in our lives and it is showing us how truly small we are in this world.

When I took this picture, it was around midnight. It was bitter cold, windy and just miserable outside as far as weather was concerned. This moon, it just sat in the sky lighting up our world, not paying attention to all that has been happening as of late.

Are you locked in your home living in fear right now because of the virus?   Are you living in fear because of politics?  Are you living in fear because of crime?  The first message I received through this was "TURN OFF THE NEWS".  The media makes their living by instilling fear (fear mongering) and shows 99% of the negative aspects of our world and if we are lucky, 1% of the good things going on.   Turn it off and don't let that energy fill your aura and spirit.

Take time to sit and breathe in spirit and the gifts that it has to give you.  Take the time to know that your life was never meant to be lived in this state. It is the powerful that are preying on the weak and you want to bring your spirit to a place of power so no matter what comes through, your inner spirit knows what the truth is and what it isn't. 

So take a moment to look at this moon. Blow it up if you wish, just look at the beauty that it passes onto us.  Breathe and move forward and you will find that the veil of what is going on will soon be dropped and we shall all see the truth.  Many in power will fall, many will be shown for who they truly are and what they have created.  

This time is one of spiritual awakening.  So many fear that we have been waking up. Some of us have lost friends that no longer want us around or even talk to us. Some have lost jobs. Some have even lost family. However know that it is not going to last much longer. See the beauty in the moon and allow that energy to penetrate deep within and most of all, breathe.

Blessings to you always


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