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Spirit Guide or Angelic Messenger Readings

Readings or letters from your spirit guides or angelic messengers can be extremely useful in your everyday life.

Are there questions you need answers for? Are you seeking direction on a particular area of your life?

For several years, I have been given messages from my guides, however, I chose not to listen at that time and this had a negative affect on my life. During the past few years, I have opened my heart, mind and ears up to what they have to say to me in my every day life and activities.

Have you ever narrowly missed an accident by stopping at the side of the road, or slowing down, or turning off for no apparent reason? Have you ever thought of someone and then had the phone ring immediately after and it's that person on the phone? Have you ever felt that something was wrong with a family member or friend without that person telling you? These are all different aspects of our guides trying to give us messages.

As I have worked with this gift, it has become easier to open up to the spiritual world and receive the information they are sending. Much of it is through automatic writing. Whatever is put out there, is what I write. Some makes no sense at the time and then in a few days, it will be an "ahhh, I got it" moment. The message was about something that was about to happen or change.

These messages can give you guidance and wisdom that is waiting for you.

I offer several options for readings. Live calls, call backs or emailed.

Live readings are available by clicking on the Click4Advisor button below. You will be directed to the site where you can schedule a reading or contact me live as long as I'm online.

If you decide to have an e-reading reading done, I require your full name. Meditation is done on the name and whatever the message is, it will be sent through me to you. There may be oracle cards involved as well for the reading in addition to the spirit guide message. It is whatever spirit guides me to tell you.

With each reading you will receive a private email from your spirit guide or angelic messenger.

The link for a full emailed reading is: Spirit Guide or Angelic Messenger Reading

The link for a call back reading (where I will call you back as long as you are in Canada or US. is:

There are various time options available - 15, 30, 45 or 1 hour.

After much request, I have also adding Single Question Readings to the Product page. This is for the person that has a block in one area and wants clarity. I need your full name and a detailed question which you want answered. The link for the single question reading is: Single Question Reading

E-readings may be purchased through PayPal (using the checkout on the Products page) or by e-mail money transfer. Not all people like using PayPal or have had issues with it so I have started to accept e-mail money transfers sent to When you do this, you must send me an email with what you ordered, your full name, e-mail address and the password that you entered for the e-transfer.

These readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace medical therapies.

The following is feedback from recent readings:

I came across Sheri's site buy chance some would say but I honestly believe everyone is placed in your life just as you need them, and boy did I need some guidance on many different life situation's and I was truly blessed to not only have her get right back but also she gave me the piece of mind, I needed it badly and she gave me some very personal insight and how to deal with current situation's that I have been stressing over, So thank You Sheri for sharing your gift of spiritual guidance and reassuring me I already knew the answer's but it isn't time for me to find them because I have much healing to do with my daughter's passing and recently just lost a dear friend , so I have stepped back and followed your advice and the anxiety and stress has thankfully eased up too, so THANK YOU & Please keep sharing your amazing gift and stay blessed ~Kyla~

Dear Sheri, I don't know where to begin as there are no words to express my total gratitude to you for your wonderful reading(s). What can I say other than I had no other experience like I have with yours, you're absolutely great, down to earth and 100% accurate. You sure nailed it and most of all, I appreciate your matter of fact way of approaching the entire situation. Thank you, thank you , thank you and until next time, keep up the good work. Love and Light ~Anna~Is is soooooo amazing. Spot on! I have been smiling even more than usual ever since I read the first page of the reading yesterday. This reading has given me support, peace of mind, insight, reassurance and comfort and I am sure a lot of things besides I can't even put into words right now. Your reading definitely got me another step into the right direction! Tirza, Germany

Your existence is being watched by the Master and He is pleased." has stricken a chord with my soul, it has deeply moved me, it's still sinking down my soul. I do believe in Him and now, with His help,little by little I have to start walking again. Gabriella, Italy

Wow Sheri, this was great. I really did enjoy it. You give great advise. Again, Sheri, this has helped me more than you will ever know. Karen, Saskatchewan

This is amazing. I will use it in my book as a tribute to you. I told you you are amazing!! Keep doing them, they are great! Rose, Ontario

OMG Sheri, What are you waiting for, get out there and market your talents. This is the best reading I have ever had. So detailed and precise. You should have people lined up waiting for readings. Thank you Great Reading. Ron, Ontario

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