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Signs From Spirit

Spirit gives us signs every day that they are with us and those signs can come in such ordinary ways that they are often missed due to our overwhelming and busy lifestyles.

When I took this picture, I was sitting on the patio of a very peaceful serene restaurant.  It was quiet that afternoon and I sat in silence watching the turtles moving to and fro.   Watching this mother carry her child on her back was so enlightening to me.  I have been carrying the weight of some stressful situations with one of my granddaughters as of late and it has been breaking my spirit in many ways.   My granddaughter has juvenile arthritis, she is now five and it showed up when she was 18 months old.   The medicines she takes compromise her immune system and she had been in remission for a short period of time however recently it came back with a vengeance.   The outlaying result, she caught something - to this day the hospital does not know what - and she was in and out for three days getting IV antibiotic treatments.

I had been sad, hurt for her and wanted to take all her suffering away and just could not see the way to help other than to give her parents, brother and her all the love and support that me and my reiki community could send.

Then as I watched these two turtles, I started to notice the orbs which were surrounding them.  Spirit was right there in front of me and was bringing me a sense of peace and calm.   It was as if to say, "put your troubles on us and we will carry them for you right now".   I did.

I released the pain in my soul and quit trying to find the answers.   As soon as I did that, answers started to come to me and the results so far have been positive for all concerned. 

It is the simple ordinary things in life that spirt sends to us as we journey through our life. On this day it was the turtles.  On other days it is a light, warm rain which represents the tears of those that have passed before us.  Other days, it is the beauty of a flower that simply brings joy. 

As you journey throughout your day, be aware of your surroundings and what comes to you when you are in your quiet space. It is important because your angels and guides are there, trying to tell you to breathe and put your cares on their shoulders. They love you and that will never change.

Each one of you has a story and the ability to connect.   Have you?  I can help shift that energy with you if you wish.  Tell me what you see when you look at this picture.   How does it resonate with you?

Blessings to you always,

Sheri Baldwin

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