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Change Is Inevitable

 Just as our seasons change year to year, so do we as individuals.   Find a picture of yourself from 10 or 20 years ago and look at it.  See the differences from then to now.  See the outer appearance that has a gray hair, a wrinkle, a body shape change. Then see the outer appearance to look for a light, a renewed smile, a glow.   Change is not always negative because change equates to growth.

The above picture is a true depiction of change. Our seasons change, the leaves that were once all green, have changed into brilliant orange, red and yellow hues. God's beauty.   Take note of the reflection in the water. the beauty is in the reflection as well as just on the true outer surface and that is how you should be seeing yourself no matter what the change is you are experiencing in your life.   Change is growth and each one of us grows as the years pass.

The issues come when you fight that growth or find flaws or faults in that reflection.   No one is perfect however you are perfectly perfect as you are. You are an amazing soul that was put here for a reason. You may not understand or know the reason at this time.  That's okay as well. However, if you believe in who you are, trust in your beauty and trust that change is necessary to advance through the various stages of your life, all will fall into place in Divine timing.

Change is not always easy. At times it is almost unbearable, however when you have change happening in your life, simply accept that it is inevitable and all will be okay at the end of it.  Don't fight it, allow it to flow and breathe. That is all you need to survive in this world. Acceptance, self-love and the ability to see the beauty within yourself.

If you are struggling with change, feel free to talk to me and we can walk through it together. You all have a brilliant future ahead as long as you are willing to allow it to flow thorugh your life.

Blessings to you always

Sheri Baldwin

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