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A letter from your Angel or Spirit Guide can be a beautiful keepsake and something to read and re-read throughout your life. They can be written for any person of any age group. After a meditation on the person's name, I ask my angels to connect with your angels or the person you have ordered this gift for and a special letter is written - always from a place of love.You can order these for yourself, your children, your friends, relatives, whoever you feel you would like to present with this amazing gift. People have ordered these for loved ones and their children as Christmas gifts, birthday presents, anniversaries, and some 'just because'. Each letter is unique to the name that is submitted and will be printed in a way that you can be proud of what you are giving or receiving.Within 48 hours or placing your order, the letter will be mailed to you along with a special extras for each recipient. The extras will be whatever spirit leads me to send. They could be a special crystal, feathers, cards, messages, art work, or a number of things that I am guided to send.If you are interested in this, please private message me with your details. I will need your name and mailing address (does not matter if you live in Canada, Europe, U.S. Australia, anywhere around the world. Please send this information to . If the letter is for someone else, it will still be mailed to you and that way you can present it to the other person or if for your child, you can read it to them and keep it until they can read it themselves.Need full name, birthdate, male or female and address of where to mail this as well as full name of recipient the letter is for.

Love Letter from Spirit

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