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11 11 11 And We're Still Here

Well my friends, 11 11 11 has come and gone, we are all still here.  The sun has risen this morning in the east as the moon set in the west.  The birds are singing, the air is fresh. Has anything changed based on this extraordinary date? 

I am sitting here this morning pondering the events of the past few days.  I had invites to several events for 11 11 11 and on 11 10 11, God put me in bed for two days.  He stopped me cold from attending anything.  Was there a reason, was I going to see something or feel something or learn something that He did not want me to know?  What was His reason to stop me cold in my tracks. 

After speaking to people that attended some of the events late last night, I felt angry for a bit and hurt that God did not want me to attend any of these and I still didn't understand why.  I don't get sick and yet He chose this date to knock me off my feet. These people I spoke to had wonderful angel experiences, new insights, blessings bestowed on them.  Why was I being punished?  (This was my ego talking.) 

Then I realized, the day is just a number, it is made significant only by the hype of other people.  Had they done the same things on another date, they would have experienced the same things.  The mental conditioning and power of suggestion had made everyone believe that it was only because of this powerful number.  It's amazing that in this day and age, we, as spiritual beings can still be brainwashed into thinking that this date is more important than tomorrow or a day next week.  All days are important if we choose them to be.  All days are filled with spirit and love if we choose them to be. 

Yes, it would have been wonderful to spend some of this time with others.  Yes it would have been wonderful to experience the group healing, however, can we not experience that at any time?  According to our truth, we are spiritual beings that are walking this path for our entire earthly human experience. 

Love is inside each and every one of us.  Love needs to be released and set free.  Love spreads, love grows and love breeds more love.  That is all that we should be focused on.  How do you heal - with love, how do you live - with love, how do you blossom - with love.  Love is our truth, love is our path and love is the only path we should be following, not just on 11 11 11.  We should be following this path every single day of our existence here. 

Yes 11 11 11 has passed and lo and behold, the world hasn't changed, we are still here.  There is still war on one side of the world, tragedies in other places, however for me, the sun is still shining on me bright and beautiful filling me with the blessings and love of Source, our God, our mother Gaia.  It is beautiful.

Namaste, Sheri

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