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Abundance and Your Thoughts

Today it is time for your life to flow with prosperity, love and success.


Not all abundance is financial. You can be abundant in so many other ways. Many people who have the financial are looking for love. Many people who have the love are looking for success. And many people who have the success are looking for everything else that would complete their life.


The Universe has a limitless supply that is only prohibited by your own beliefs in how much you deserve. Your own thoughts prohibit many people from going forward, from thriving, from excelling and achieving what they truly desire in life. Today, is the day that you are to change your thoughts and to realize that every thought you have, has a consequence attached to it.


If you don't believe in yourself, if you doubt yourself, you are never going to attract the abundance that you are seeking in your life. Change your thoughts, change your life. It is really that simple.


When you sit there and think of how life has not treated me well or so and so has so much and I have so little, you are worrying about the past, which you cannot change, and you are concerned with someone else's life, which you cannot change and has nothing to do with your true life.


As you go throughout your day, pay attention to where your mind wanders to and what thoughts are coming into your head. Do you see a new car and think, I would love to have one of those but I'll never have enough money to afford it? Do you see a nice house and think, they must be filty rich and there's only two people living there, why do they need such a huge house? Notice the negative connotation behind each of those thoughts. Notice how the thought starts nice but immediately goes to a negative. These are the kinds of thoughts that you have to get right out of your head. You have to recognize when you are doing this.


Abundance is not just a sit back and wait for it attitude either. There is so much more to The Law of Attraction and The Secret than is written in the books. You don't just sit there and wait for it to come knocking at your door. You must get up off that chair and do some work as well.


Steps you need to take to attract more abundance in whatever area you desire:


You must learn to receive graciously. When someone gives you something do not tell them negative replies such as 'you didn't have to', 'oh, I can't take that', 'oh that's too much, please keep it'. As soon as you put a negative connotation on it, not only does it make the person that is trying to give you something feel back, you are taking away from their wonderful feeling of giving, you also send a message to Universe which says, oh I don't need to receive anything. You cannot choose how and when you receive things. e.g. It's okay if I receive money from a windfall, but it's not okay if someone I know just gives me some. You cannot decide how the abundance comes to you, Universe decides and when you refuse the little things, Universe locks up it's vault. Just say THANK YOU without the you didn't have to or any other negative statement behind the gift.


Give out generously. This one is very hard for so many people as well. How hard is it to give? People will say,"I can't afford to give". Well, the truth of the matter is, yes you can. You can give a smile, you can give love, you can give a hug, you can give even the smallest financial gift. Remember that all things are returned 10 fold to you when you give. I have proved this time and time again. When I am down, I smile at some stranger or just say hello with a smile and it makes me feel better. Other people start doing the same to me and it lifts me up. When I have not had enough money to pay my bills, I have still donated to a place that I feel feeds my soul and amazingly money shows up at the right time to cover what I need to do. It is a matter of giving from your heart and this next part is very important - GIVE FROM YOUR HEART WITH NO EXPECTATION IN RETURN. You cannot sit back and say, 'Well, I gave, so where is the return?' Give because you want to, because it makes you feel good. The return will come, but do not sit there and give because you expect something in return. That takes away the entire point of giving.


Be grateful for all that you have, are, receive, give. Make THANK YOU a regular part of your vocabulary. Say thank you for everything in your life. Take time in the morning to give thanks for all you have. Many people have said they have nothing to be thankful for. Everyone has so much to be thankful for. Start with something as simple as thank you for the mind I have that allows me to think and absorb. Thank you for allowing me to wake up this morning. Thank you for the flowers that bloom outside that bring beautify to my world. Simple things. There are so many of them. As you continue this process of being grateful and giving thanks on a regular basis, your world will change. The abundance you seek will come. It is Universal Law. When you enjoy all you have, more has to come to you. It is written.

Every one of us deserves prosperity. Every one of us deserves love. Every one of us deserves success. Believe in yourself, believe that you deserve to have it all and it will become reality. Today is your day for a new beginning, a rebirth of your way of thinking and living.


Make your affirmation for today: I deserve love, prosperity and success


Watch out, your world is about to change for the better.




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