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Are You Facing Into the Wind?

(Photo courtesy of Mary Jo Zach)

After the recent events of Hurricane Sandy and the mass destruction that she left in her wake, not only in Haiti, but the U.S. and Canada, I wonder if people have truly realized the damage that we as a nation have done to our land, our air and our water.


The hurricane effects are finished in our section of Ontario Canada. I never felt true fear when they said it was coming here (even though we have never experienced anything like this before). I knew that I would be fine even though I live within a few hundred feet of Lake Erie. I knew that the angels would be here with me if I did start to feel fear.


When I walked down to the lake on day one of the storm, there were several freighters that had pulled in closer to shore from the channel that they travel on a daily basis. They had set anchor and turned themselves into the wind. The winds were around 60 miles per hour here that night or 100 kms per hour (for those in Canada and Europe). I live in a mobile home in a resort area very close to the lake and surrounded by water on three sides. As many of you know, being in a mobile home in high winds is not a fun experience. It rocks, it shakes and occasionally they get destroyed. Even when the windows sounded as if they were going to blow in, I was not afraid. Archangel Michael had already kept his promise so many times to keep my family and me safe and I knew he would be here again.


I walked out in the face of the wind on day two of the storm, as the ship was anchored, in the face of the wind. Again, the freighters were turned in an entirely different direction, as the wind had shifted during the day. I also walked facing into the wind.


What is my point? There are so many things out there that cause us fear, that hold us back, that prevent us from moving forward. When you face into the wind, you are being pushed back as you try to move forward. When you keep moving forward and don't let the wind drive you back, you reach new heights in your spiritual path and your growth. Each step forward may be difficult and seems almost impossible, however, you must face whatever is put in front of you or you will never realize the wonders and gifts that are waiting for you as your reach your destination.


We all have the ability within us to be successful. We all have the strength to find our blessings and gifts - are you using yours? Have you given up and turned back when you are facing into the wind? Do you push right on through knowing that in the end, it will be rewarding?


I choose to move forward no matter how difficult life becomes, no matter what forces try to stop me. I know that I have everything I need to be successful on my journey. I know that the angels are always with my on my journey. I know that I am blessed and loved always and I know that when I need to find love, it is right here inside of me.


It is a wonderful journey that we are going through right now. Many of us have come across our wind, our brick wall or people or things that are trying to stop us from moving forward. I want every one of you to know how blessed I am to get to know you and to watch you progress on your journey. I am living my destiny because I choose to push through. Are you living yours?


Namaste, blessings, love and light to each and every one of you always,


Sheri Baldwin, RT

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