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Are You Manifesting or Sabotaging Yourself?

Are you one of those people that watches others manifest a wonderful life for themselves?  Are you one of those people who is able to manifest the best life for yourself?  There are two types of people in this world, those that watch and those that do.   Which one are you?

Much of my work is done with teaching others to manifest their absolute best life.  I hear all the excuses.  I watch as people sabotage themself over and over again with their thoughts, words and actions and simply their beliefs. 

The following are some of the biggest of the limiting beliefs that come out of the mouths of people: 

I must work hard and struggle in order to be successful in my life.  This is not the truth of life.  You must be balanced in your life. If you work constantly and your focus is on nothing but the struggle in your day, you will continue to attract more things in to struggle with.  If you work hard and struggle, you will get no where and have nothing except increased stress and health issues.  You will not be happy and you will soon resent having to work so hard.  When your emotional self is not happy, how do you expect the good to come to you.  Joy, beauty, laughter, peace with self and just knowing that you deserve the best and no dream is too big to achieve, will bring more to you.  All you are asked to do in this lifetime is work with joy and know that you did your best in all that you have done.  When you work, whatever it may be, you give 100% of yourself for that time, and then leave it job at the door when you are finished each day.  Do not carry it with you into your family life, your personal life. Let it go.  Know that you did your best and pat yourself on the back.  Even in a bad situation, go to work with a smile and a big hello to all that cross your path.  Soon your situation will turn around and you will find other opportunities show up for you and you will start the shift of change for yourself.  Success comes from joy and being blessed because you deserve it in your Higher self's eyes and those of Source. You were never meant to struggle or not succeed.  You were meant to have all the success that you choose to believe you can have. It is unlimited, it truly is.

Rich people are greedy.  When you take this attitude about the wealthy, or the attitude that they are snooty or crooks, you put an image in your mind of rich = evil.  Therefore, you have put a block up that stops Universe from sending your blessings and opportunities in.  Change your perception of those that are wealthy.  They are no more blessed than you, they have just realized their opportunities and blessings and are further along than you. 

If I was meant to have it, God would have saw that it came to me.  This is a huge misconception.  God is a God of Unlimited Abundance and there are no limits to what He can do. He doesn't want to see you with a lack mentality. He wants to see you succeed and be happy.  He has unlimited resources and all it takes is for you to reach out and accept what is yours.  Be open to receive and allow it to come in.  It is that simple.  Give thanks for the blessings every single day - yes, you all have some - even if it's the fingers on your hands, the eyes in your head, everything in life is a blessing.  Be grateful in the now and watch how your Universe changes.

I wasn't meant to have anything good in this lifetime.  I must have done something horrible in my past life.  Yes your past life has an effect on the present however you do not carry curses or evil karma forward.  Each lifetime is different and you are human with the ability to change your reality at any time.  If you don't like where you are headed, change the path. If you have had rough times in the past, forgive them, release them and walk away never turning back.  You are meant to have the best possible life.  It is up to you to grab it and move forward.  Take time to make your bucket list (or your intention list)  Make it big and make it long.  Be exact and then give thanks for all that's on it as if it is here and it is here now.  Then sit back and wait for the opportunities and blessings to come.  You are not judged by your past and you are not judged by spirit. 

As you see just with these few examples above, when you are stuck it is because you have not gained the belief that you can have, be or do anything you want.  Once you get to that point, you will know it because all will start to flow to you and not away from you.

Answer the tough questions:

What are my intentions for this lifetime?  What are my dreams?  What do I long to have as a part of my life? 

What is blocking me from having these things? 

Do I love myself as I am and where I am  - UNCONDITIONALLY?

You alone create the reality you live in.  Choose to live big with big dreams and big intentions.  Choose to remove the limiting beliefs that you have that are blocking you from achieving all that you desire.  Lastly, choose to love yourself where you are and for who you are.  When you accept that you are amazing and loved in the exact spot you are at in your life, you will fast forward the blessings because you have said, "No matter how I look, where I am, how I live, what I do'; I am amazing and I love who and what I am."  This frees up Universe to know that you will appreciate all that comes and it will come in droves once that door is open.

Blessings to you always

Sheri Baldwin

Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre

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