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Are You Manifesting Your Dreams or Your Fears?

Are you manifesting your dreams or your fears? Whatever is prevalent in your thoughts is exactly what you manifest. If you are thinking 'fear' you will have more fear come to you. If you are thinking of your dreams, you will bring them into your life. It is all a matter of your thought process and your beliefs.


When a vision board starts out for most, it has some basic things on it that everyone desires, nice home, vacation, love, money - some of the basic simple things. However, when you aren't specific on your dreams, how can you bring them into your life?


When you create a vision board or a thought of what you would like to manifest in your dreams, be specific. Don't just put a nice home as what may be nice to Universe might be appalling to you. How many bedrooms and bathrooms, what type of house (brick, siding, stone, log), what type of windows, what does the kitchen look like, how many stories (1, 2, basement). Your dreams are all in the little things, the details of life. Don't forget to put your details out there for Universe to provide for you.



The same goes for a vacation - you may think, well I don't care where it is as long as it's warm. If you're a water person, you may end up in the desert. If you like swimming pools, you may end up at a swamp. Be specific in your dreams. Attract back into your life, exactly what you are dreaming of.


Let go of the hidden fears you have and the fears that you send out into the world. Other people see them even if you think you are hiding them well. Opportunities cannot come to you when you surround your aura with fear. Let your dreams be the manifestation tool in your life. Let growth always take the forefront of your daily life. Don't be stagnant - be alive. Put it out there for Universe to fulfill.


Never tell Universe how you want your dreams to come to fruition as then you are not letting them naturally come through. Mine have come in so many ways. When I let go of how I was going to achieve each of my dreams, my life changed dramatically. Before I was obsessed with 'I have to do this' or 'I have to do that' in order to achieve what I desired. Then the answer was right there - I have to tell Universe in detail what my dreams are and then thank Universe for presenting the opportunities for me to have them. It works every time. I am celebrating my best year ever and my intention is for Universe to keep providing the gifts and dreams that I require into my life.


Each one of us has the ability to achieve and succeed every dream. God wants us to be abundant in all ways - health, love, financial, peace, joy and the list goes on and on. Accept that you are worthy of all that is and be grateful that you too can receive. This is our time to grow and please be careful that you are manifesting your dreams and not your fears.




Sheri Baldwin, RT

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