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Best Year Ever


Are you waking up with an excited enthusiastic feeling every day or are you waking up and dragging your butt through your day? Do you look forward to jumping out of bed each day or do you dread opening your eyes and facing the day?


For the excited, enthusiastic, jump out of bed and face the day head on person, congratulations, you are following your life path. You know your mind, your soul and your very essence is important to you. For the butt dragging, dread the day person, there are so many of us out here that can help you.


Not every person is happy and excited about every moment of their life; that is unless you have reached the ultimate perfection of your life. However, look at those that you may think have reached that level of peace, excitement, perfection, success, abundance, or happiness in their life and then take a realistic look at it. The Dalai Lama, Joel & Victoria Osteen, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra – what do they all have in common and do you think every day of their life is sunshine and roses? They all have had trials and tribulations in their life. Their lives have not been perfect and yet they are so content in their life and where it is right now. What is it that they have in common that we seem to be missing?


The answer is so simple – they do not judge others and they never speak, think or act in a negative manner. They all live their lives to serve others. Their life purpose, their soul purpose, is to give of themselves to make the lives of others in this world better. This is truly a path that we all should follow. Even though they may have others that judge them or criticize them, they don’t let it sink into their being, they let it go and keep on living according to the laws of their beliefs and their lives. They don’t get caught up in the negativity of others. They don’t get self-absorbed. They live their lives to the absolute best of their ability and with a heart of unconditional love.


This is the type of person I am striving to be. I am definitely not perfect by any means, however, I am more conscious of what I am thinking, saying and doing. I will give myself a ‘snap out of it’ speech every once in a while when my mind goes to that self-pitying and degrading place. It gets easier with practice and the biggest thing I have noticed in my life, is that those people that were attempting to drag me down with them, are no longer in my life. They have fallen away and gone onto another person that will listen and become more like them. I choose to be a better person, a more loving and complete person and definitely a more positive, life loving person.


Take a moment to look at your life. When negative thoughts are running through your head – what happens next? When you pass judgment on someone, do you see that someone else will pass judgment on you? When you talk in a negative manner, do you notice all the negative minded people that tend to congregate around you and the talk just goes further and further downhill?


Today, I would like to ask each one of you to take note of what you are thinking, saying and doing in your life and then take note of what it is attracting into your life? Do you have that ultimate success or peace of mind that you seek? Are you living the life you desire?


When you feel totally comfortable in your own skin, you belong. This is your time to be secure in your own skin, to live comfortably no matter what is happening in the world around you. Open your eyes and see all the like-minded people out there that are searching to be a part of your life as you are to theirs.


Learn graceful acceptance and patience and your life will be as successful as you wish it to be and filled with those people that enhance your life and bring you up – never down.


It’s not too late. Each one of you can turn this around and make this the best year ever.


Namaste and blessings to all, Sheri



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