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Spirit is asking that today you focus on the blessings that they have brought to you or to another involved in your life.  By focusing on these blessings you are better able to learn from the difficulties in your life rather than just trying to survive them.  Spirit asks that you lift your heart from the mundane and fearful toward the evolved and enlightened. This means, look to Source for the meaning of those things that you fear, look to Source for that part of your life that to you seems so unimportant and mundane.

For some it is so difficult to let go of that cloak of fear, that sad story, the old hurts, and replace it with the blessings that you carry deep in your heart.  It is difficult for some to look for that loving mindset in all they do or experience.  What is the 'love' lesson in all this?  Where is the 'love'  in this trying situation?  People look so hard for blessings in their mind.  A blessing is not in your head, it is truly in your heart or your spirit.  Look deep into your core self, the blessing is there.  Look deep in meditation, the blessing is there.  Look deep inside of you, beyond your physical, look deep and the blessing is there.

What exactly is a blessing?  The dictionary defines 'blessing' as

1. God's favor and protection

2. A prayer asking for such favor and protection. (eg. saying grace before dinner)

That definition is not truly what 'blessing' means to me.  Blessing, to me, is any divine experience or event that is recognized by me to be a positive and not a negative.  Even a negative (or bad) experience can be a blessing.  It is that point when you recognize that this event was not a bad thing, but the blessing came because of this terrible thing that happened. My personal example of this was when my ex husband left me many years ago.  I thought my world was over. I was devastated. I was beaten down.  I was crushed.  My life was over.  Now as I look back at the situation, I regard it as one of the biggest blessings of my life.  If I had remained in that marriage, I would have never found spirit.  I had to hide anything I did in regards to spirit, Reiki, life, Bible study, meditation or basically the metaphysical world.  I would have never found this freedom of life, this love from my spirit guides and my angels if I was still in that situation.  I did not have the strength at that time to leave what was a horrendous marriage situation, so my guardian angel set a line of action out that would remove the situation from me.  I did not understand it at the time, I was angry, hurt, devastated however, now I understand totally that this was done for my Highest good.

A blessing is a gift, a blessing has a profound impact to your heart, a blessing is an invitation to understand more deeply what is going on, a loving essence to sustain you and hold you when you are hurt.  A blessing is love.  Spirit can only love us, spirit does not know hate, spirit does not know indifference, spirit only knows love.  Honor spirit by honoring your blessings, every one that you have had over your life, whether big or small.  No blessing is too insignificant to acknowledge.  No blessing is meaningless because it has meaning to you.  It does not matter what another person's opinion of it is, it is a blessing to you and that is all that matters in the end. 

Sit down and take a moment to ponder what your life would be like today if you acknowledged every single blessing throughout your life.  There is no other answer than the fact that you would be a totally joyful person.  You would be a blessed person.

I have a beautiful orchid that my son gave me a few years back.  It was full and beautiful.  Then the flowers fall off, the stem goes dormant and it is a bunch of leaves.  However, after some water and love, a new stem will come forth and larger and more beautiful orchids blossom on that stem.  If I wouldn't have cut back the old stem and let it die, the new flowers could have never been born.  This orchid represents a blessing to me.  It was sad when the flowers fell, it was sad when it was barren, however, when the beauty of regrowth came, it was a blessing.  The new blessing came from the loss of the old.

You must always honor the small blessings in your life as well as the big ones.  Simple things as I have two eyes that see, I wear glasses, however, I can still see.  I have a heart that beats and a heart that loves.  If I would have never felt pain, I would have never known love.  I honor the smile on a stranger, I honor the love of a pet, no matter how small it may be, it is a blessing.  Source is asking that you do the same and let the aura of your blessings flow outward to others.

No matter what your blessings are, no matter how important you are, remember you are here by the grace of God, the power of Source, the Divine.  Your success is meant to help others, not to just enhance yourself.  Blessings are to be shared and spread outward.

Take a moment to look at the people around you.  What blessing have they brought into your life?  Do this not only with the people that you love, like and are important to you but also do it to the people that you may consider your enemies.  Yes, the enemies have brought blessings into your life too.  The challenge or lesson of the day is to find the blessings and turn the negative into a positive.  The blessings are there, right in front of you.  Once you start to list them, they will flow from you as water flows down a stream. 

Give thanks for you blessings in the morning.  Give thanks for the blessings you have during the day and at night give thanks once more for those blessings that come into your mind before you go to sleep.  Source loves to hear that you have  counted your blessings.  It will change your perspective and bring you closer to understanding the Universe. 

Namaste and blessings to all,


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