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Blessings- Are You Counting Yours?

Blessings come in many ways, big and small.  Are you counting yours?


I was working on my Spiritual Awakening E-Course this morning and this message came through to me.  Blessings are such an important part of our life and our existence.  Our life can be negated or enhanced based on our perception of what is and isn’t a blessing. 


There are so many that do not realize that a tragedy or negative issue in their life can and is, in fact, a blessing.  At the moment it happens, the perception may not be put out in that direction,however, when you take the time to sit and think about the situation and the lesson you learned from it, you can turn it around into a blessing. The next time something happens that is negative, take a moment and ask yourself, how can I use this situation in my future to be of service to others?  How can I take this information or event and help others that are going through something similar or identical?


When I work with people, I listen to what they are saying.  I truly listen to what they are looking for, what they want, what motivates them, what holds them back, their loves, their likes, their fears.  I tend to analyze people as they speak, which in most cases is a wonderful ability.  When they describe a break up, an abusive situation, a suicide, an accident, my mind is thinking to when did I have something similar to that happen to me? What did I learn from it?  How can I help this person get though what they are experiencing right now?  How can I be of service to this person? 


Without fail, my heart or my intuition as some call it, gives me the answer. 


I hear so much anger, resentment and almost downright hatred coming from people lately, so much negativity exuding from their mouths and their aura.  I feel it shooting  back when they don’t realize that they are attacking themselves with their thinking and speaking.  They are attracting more of the negative situations back into their lives.  They refuse to accept responsibility for their lives, and yet, they are quick to blame and filled with unforgiveness towards others (which is in actuality, unforgiveness towards themselves). 


Each day, I look for at least one blessing in my life.  It is so simple, every person has at least one blessing.  No matter how small or how big, blessings are right here and right now. They surround each and every one of us. They will bring peace and harmony to your life if you acknowledge them.  They will life up your soul, your being, your aura, your energy, your vibration. Positive acknowledgment of blessings can change your life.


Today, I think, I am blessed.  I am grateful for all my blessings, even the smallest ones. When someone says, I have nothing to be grateful for, I am definitely not blessed, ask them if they have shoes on their feet or a shirt on their back– that’s something.  Beware of the ‘but’ word.  Many times you will hear, yes I have shoes BUT they are old and uncomfortable, yes I have a shirt BUT it is not a color I like, it’s unflattering.  That ‘but’ word will come into play to bring down the fact that they are blessed even inthe smallest of ways.  They will try to turn everything into a negative.  Don’t get caught up in others refusal to enjoy, to be grateful or to feel blessed.  Just say, ‘You are blessed’ and walk on, knowing that it is not your responsibility to change them – you can’t,only the other person can change themselves.  The next person, may say, ‘Yes I do have shoes on my feet and a shirt on my back, yes that is two blessings.’   


Know that you gave them a string and they either threw it away or grabbed it and changed it into a rope.  If they went for the rope and continued the conversation and said, ‘I also have a warm home, I also have a couple dollars in my wallet’ etc. they are expanding on the string and turning it into a rope.  They will grow.  Those that use the BUT word will fall away.


Well, today I am very blessed.  I am counting my blessings again.  I know that each step of my life is a true blessing and I wish for all of you to take a moment to count yours.  I am blessed that I have friends that believe in me and support my venture on my spiritual journey which is an ongoing process.  I am blessed that there are those that support my ‘dare to dream path to success’.  I am blessed that this is going to be my best year ever for learning and giving. I am blessed to have healthy children, grandchildren and a partner that is also my friend.  I am blessed to be me. And finally I am blessed to be able to be of service to all of you.


Again,I want you to know and remember that blessings come in many ways, big and small.  Are you counting yours? 



SheriBaldwin, RT


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