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Blessings - AreYou Counting?

When I counsel people that are at their very lowest, one of the first things that I ask them to do is count their blessings and give thanks for each one.  This idea is often met with hesitation or "I can't" or "I don't have any blessings" or some excuse as to why they cannot do this.  The solution is easy, however their ego makes it very difficult.  The ego wants to keep them in a state of sadness or lack.

I will then ask them "Do you have food on your table, a roof over your head and clothes on your back?"  I have yet to have one person say no to these questions. Yes I know there are homeless and starving people and I have watched them count the blessings that they do have.  Again, the ego is reaching for a contradiction or argument.

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The truth is, 'you have clothes on your back'.  Time to say "Thank you for these clothes on my back my Creator."  The truth is 'you have a roof over your head'.  Time to say "Thank you for the roof over my head my Creator."  Do you see the pattern? 

When you can accept all the blessings you have whether they seem huge to you or tiny, and you can give thanks for each one of them, the abundance of blessings will soon follow.  You will start to notice that you have more blessings to give thanks for every single day.  I give thanks for the penny I find on the ground.  I give thanks for the flowers outside my home.  I give thanks for the food in my fridge.  I give thanks for the clothes on my back that keep me warm in the winter months.  I give thanks for my fingers, my toes, my heart, my mind and my vision.  I give thanks for my clients, my students and my family and friends.  I give thanks for my old vehicle that takes me wherever I wish to go and never lets me down.  I give thanks for all that crosses my path during the day.

Now, to further this issue, I give thanks for the road blocks I hit during the day.  Some people will ask me if I'm out of my mind.   I tell them that these road blocks, these walls, these setbacks are what make me who I am today.  These things are the life lessons that create my present and future.  These things teach me to love, forgive and have compassion for all that I come across in this lifetime.  

When you turn your tragedies into blessings and gratitude they start to fade away, never to return.  Lesson learned and it's time to move forward. 

Today, take note of the one thing that you are grateful for.  Think of it in the form of a blessing.  Give thanks for it and move to the next item.  As you go throughout your day, continue this process when things come up. 

Many that email me  or even those that get readings from me, will notice that I always sign of with 'Blessings to you".  I believe in sending the positive blessings to another, putting the Grace of God on all in a positive way and sharing the blessings that I know are in my life.  So please share a blessing with another person today and change their day for the better.  The angels are smiling on you.

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