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Challenge and Manifestation

Recently I have been called to finish up old business, both physical and spiritual so that I may move forward with my life.  I have also been told to relax and accept the guidance that has been coming to me from my angelic teachers instead of feeling like I have to do everything for myself and by myself. 

Even at this level of my journey, I still have those internal demons that I have to deal with.  When I think I have banished them all, a situation will arise (usually representative of something from my past) and it will sneak right back out to the forefront of my life.    I too must be able to accept growth and know that in order to understand what is coming is for my Highest good, I must let go and accept the new challenges that will be coming before me.

When I think, wow, look at all I've accomplished, I must remember not to get too cocky as there are far greater things out there for me to accomplish in this lifetime.

This was the message I received this morning.  Universe has so much more out there for me, however, I must open up and trust as my dreams, my visions and my spiritual understanding is growing and opening to receive those messages I will need to progress through this lifetime.  I was also told I was an earth pioneer.  What does that mean?  I have been told I was an earth angel before, however an earth pioneer - where did that come from?

After a period of meditation, I was told that the guidance will be coming to me through my dreams  and they will be intense and varied as to the content.    I was also told I would know in my heart which dreams and desires that are deep within me, are ready to come out to be shared with others on my path.

I am living in the grace of God.  I am blessed by all that God has provided me with.  My life has not been material to this point, it has been filled with more spirituality and knowledge.  That is not to say that the material world cannot be a part of my existence as well.  My dreams, whether material or spiritual are right here in front of me.   My dreams up until this point have been spiritual in nature. 

Today it is time for all of us to start manifesting our dreams through our spirituality.  Look into your heart and ask: What dreams do I truly have?  What is it that I long for in my life however have not seen yet?  Do I have new dreams? Old dreams?  What do I truly desire and wish to manifest in the physical? 

When you have that picture in your mind (or even written down on paper), think about how you want those dreams to look in the physical world.  Be specific.  Don't just dream 'I want a new car", you could get a new junker as you did not specify the type of car, the color, the style, the properties that make it truly what you desire.  So it's not quite as simple as just stating something.  And most importantly, you are not going to use the words:  I want, I desire, I need, etc.  You are only going to attract more wants, desires and needs and not the item that is in your heart.  You will always be wanting and never receiving, you will always be desiring and never receiving, you will always be needing and never receiving.  Do you understand how this works.  You want to attract  that which you truly desire but you have to first of all believe that it is possible, no matter how big your dream is and you have to accept that it is right there waiting for you to manifest it into your life.  Let go of any ideas of how you are going to achieve that which is in your heart, Universe will decide that.  You are to just believe and live and talk as if it is right here, a part of your life at this very moment.  It truly does work.  Use words such as I am, I am choosing to, I see, I love, and the big two most important words, thank you.  Thank you for bringing this ____ into my life.  Thank you for allowing me to travel the world.  Thank you for providing me with the means to live in the way that I have always held in my heart to live. 

Your challenge, starting today, is to change your mindset and way of thinking.  Your challenge is to know that whatever is in your heart, you can manifest.  Your challenge is to believe in yourself and your ability to attract the positive aspects into your life, that house, that lover, that child, that vacation, the finances - there is no limited.  Universe is filled unlimited abundance and it is only the human form in us that blocks the dreams from becoming a reality.

Blessings as you go throughout your day.  Love all that cross your path and smile - spread them out and that is where you are to start.  It is coming, all the life, the opportunities and the gifts of Universe.  All is coming right towards your door.  Make sure you don't have it locked and quit looking behind you at those doors that should be closed and locked.  It is right here - right now and it is absolutely amazing.

Namaste and blessings,

Sheri Baldwin, RT

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