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Chasing Abundance

Are you chasing abundance in your life and find that you're getting further away from those things that you desire instead of closer?  That is what happens when you go after something without the proper focus and reasons behind your desired outcome.

There are many aspects to abundance - money, love, material things, spirituality and health.  The majority of the people that I speak to are focused on two areas - money and love.  When you put all your energy into just a portion of your life's entitlements, you miss out on the true essence of what you were put on this earth for.

Abundance has many forms and when you are chasing any of the above mentioned aspects, you actually can attract in a abundance of lack, an abundance of lost love, an abundance of lost homes or possessions, an abundance of sickness and an abundance of being lost in this world.  Because you are 'chasing' and not 'allowing' and 'declaring' the good into your life, because you hold doubts and negative thoughts in your mind and heart, because you hold onto unforgiveness of a past relationship, you are blocking that which you desire from coming into your life.

Think about the statement that I am sure every one of you have heard at some point.  "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer".  The reason the rich get richer is because their focus is not on where the next dollar is coming from.  Their focus is on life and what they are going to do in the next step of their life.  The poor are focusing on lack and, yes, it is a difficult thought process to change, however if it doesn't change, according to the Laws of Universe you will attract back into your life, exactly what you are putting out in your thoughts, words and actions.

Then there are those of you that have had abundance in some area, indulged to a point of going beyond the normal place whether by food, drink, substances, relationships, material possessions or any excess that led to some form of imbalance in your life.  Suddenly that which you were abundant in is gone and that lack mentality is back at the forefront again.  Your health starts to deteriorate, your bank account is empty, your house is in foreclosure, the person you thought would love you forever has walked away and your faith in Source is gone.

Don't give away your power.  Don't allow your abundance to flow right past you.  Give thanks for all the little things in your life, no matter how insignificant they seem.  Love yourself and forgive yourself for all the life lessons you have come through (no they were not mistakes, they were simply life lessons that you needed to experience and to learn from and not repeat).  When you take two steps backwards after moving forwards, don't beat yourself up about it.  Forgive yourself and take that next step forward.

The one constant in your life is that your angels, your guides and Source ALWAYS love you, no matter what you have done or what you have lost.  Talk to them.   Tell them what your goals are.  Ask them to help you to achieve those goals that you seek.  Ask them to help you move past what you perceive as mistakes in life.  Ask them to help you forgive others as well as yourself and then close the door on your past - permanently.

When I teach people lessons on manifesting their best life, the first thing they are told is to change their thoughts, words and actions.  When they hate their job, they are told to go into their job in a state of love and put in 100% every single minute.  Do not bad mouth the boss or co-workers to others, inside or outside of the place of employment.  Go in with the mindset that you absolutely love every minute of being there.  You never know who's watching you and how a new opportunity will be presented to you whether within the workplace or by someone visiting the workplace or even someone outside that hears you talking about your job or boss.  When you are putting out that positive intention (or positive vibe), Universe must comply and send something better back in.  It's the Law of Universe.

The same ideology goes for your health, your finances, your love life and all aspects.   When you constantly worry, complain, stress and voice your negative words out to the world, people will either feed into it or walk away.  Opportunities will stay at bay.  Health will decline.  Life will change and not in the way that you seek.  You must change your thoughts, words and actions to a positive and loving reality.

Today, it's time for you to stop chasing abundance and focus on allowing it to flow into your life.  Pick only one area of your life at a time.  Focus on that area.  Think, speak and act positively in regards to that area and watch how it begins to change.  Be patient as many have done a lot of damage that has to be repaired and if you backslide, don't beat yourself up.  Move forward again.  Watch your life change for the better and the doors of opportunity will begin to open up for you. Talk to your guides and ask for their help and your outcome has to be success.

Blessings to you always,

Sheri Baldwin

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