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Colour Healing

Our world exists in shades of light and within that light,exists every color of the spectrum.  As the light touches the world around us, the colors are absorbed and released.


If an object is green, it absorbs all the other colors in the spectrum and reflects green.  That green frequency is then reflected onto us and our skin and eyes receive this information and we become affected by that vibration.  The interesting thing is that the object itself is anything but green.  This is why the green is reflected rather than absorbed and that is why we interact with it. 


An example of this is the 'green screen' used by many television shows and movies.  The blank green screen is placed behind the weatherman (for example) and whatever is shown on it reflects back at us - but we don't see the actual green screen.


Color plays an enormous part in our lives through our clothes, homes, outside environments and work environments.  It is a dominant part of the vibrational information we receive.  (God created the majority of plants, grass and trees with some form of green in them.)


Being surrounded by red will bring a sense of alertness, energy and will naturally give you a charge, whereas, blue will bring a sence of calm, peace and openness.  However, if you wear red too long, it may alert anger as well.  (the red cape and the bull)


The colors that surround us in our lives have a powerful impact on our health and energy levels.  Sunlight contains within it all the colors in a natural balance.  This provides us with the nourishment we require for complete emotional and physical health.  Our bodies cannot absorb calcium without Vitamin D which we absorb from the ultraviolet light present in sunlight.  As the onset of more skin cancers and SPF creams has been introduced to our lifestyles, much of the population is actually Vitamin D deficient.  The rays are not getting through to nourish the body.  People are taking vitamins and eating well, but because of this deficiency, many are not absorbing the proper nutrients that only Vitamin D can assist with.


Artificial light contains significantly lower amounts of red and ultraviolet light and a prolonged lack of sunlight can produce depression and lower energy levels. (SDD - seasonal depression disorder is an example of the effects of not enough sunlight throughout the winter months)


We also require periods of complete darkness in order for the hormones we need for immunity, healing the body and mind and general well being to be secreted.   Light and color have an enormous amount to do with health and well being.


This is a time for you to notice the light and color in your life.  Are you getting enough natural sunlight?  Are you getting a deep solid sleep in complete darkness?  How are the colors of your clothing, home and workspace affecting you?  What is needed in order to create more healing and balance in your life right now?


By bringing awareness to what stimuli you are receiving, you are empowering yourself, so that you can bring more balance, healing and harmony into your life.


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