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Communicating with the Angels

Communicating with the angels is an easy and simple process; so easy that often our mind discounts it.  Yet we can train our mind to be still and listen to the whispers of our heart, feel the loving presence of our angels and receive their eternally loving guidance.

As we open to the possibility, synchronicity occurs and events will start to take place, our life takes on greater meaning and sense of purpose.

It is possible for everyone to form a personal relationship with the Archangels and angels.  Everyone has this ability and no special gift is required.  All that is needed is your willingness to invite their energy into your life, to ask for help and become aware of the subtle ways in which they communicate with us.

You already receive tangible yet subtle signs of your angels presence; an eagle or hawk soaring across your path, a soft breeze caressing your face, a humming sound resonating in your ears, a flowery scent drifting around you, falling feathers, butterflies resting on your shoulders.   Often we discount these signs as a product of our imagination, yet these signs come when we need them the most.

You may choose to deepen your relationship to a specific angel by responding by writing the message you have been given and asking further question or for assistance.  Sit quietly with a pen and paper and do automatic writing.  This is where you just start writing anything that comes through your mind without censoring it, judging or stopping the pen.  Don't think about what you're writing.  Let go of the logical mind and give free reign to your creative, intuitive mind.  At first you may doubt the validity of this process and you may just have jiberish, but if you persist, you will discover you always had the ability to communicate directly with the angels.

Believe in the angels, trust you will get an answer, surrender to the process of writing and you WILL breakthrough.  It is that simple - sometimes takes time and many silent moments, but it does work. Once you have achieved this, it will work every time afterwards.

Angels are messengers of God whose purpose is to help humanity remember their spirit.  They are a bridge between matter and spirit, here to help us become aware of an invisible world, a subtle world that exists not through our physical eys and our five senses, but through our inner sight, our feelings and imagination.  When we become aware of this world, we feel safe and loved.

Through the communication with the angels, whether through writing or merely the awareness of the angelic realm, we heal our sense of separation from spirit and realize that we are never alone, that we are never alone.  We are connect at all times. 

Namaste, Sheri

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