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Crossing Into The Light

Each stage of my life is a new bridge to cross on my journey to inner transformation. If I face a situation with anger and resistance, I will remain in place.  It is only through dealing with each situation positively that I will grow and evolve. When I work with my inner Light and practice the laws of universal love every day, I discover the true meaning of life. ~~ Mario Duguay

As I walk my path of life, I look around at situations and life and wonder to myself, "Should I have done this differently?  Am I heading in the right direction? Can I truly achieve universal love?  Am I still holding resentment, anger or resisting a situation which is holding me from achieving my true enlightenment?" 

Many of us stop and question our choices in life and live by the what if's or I should have done this or that differently.  We cannot change what is in our past, it is done, it is over.  However, we can change the way that we face our future.  Shut the door that is your past, those things that you constantly dwell on. If you don't, you will never be able to truly live in the now, this moment.

How many of us (and I use the world 'us' as I am guilty as well), hold resentment about a situation or anger about a situation or person?  If you were to take an honest look at yourself, you would be guilty too.  The objective or goal in this lifetime is to be able to release all those situations that are holding you back.  When you hold these negative feelings in regards to someone else, it restricts you from moving forward in peace.  It causes such a spiritual block that your judgement becomes negative about other situations.  One negative action can escalate into an entire lifetime of bad karma.  Does it really have any effect on the other person of object of your anger? The truth is, for the most part, NO,  it has no effect on them at all.  They are going on with their life and not even concerned with your feelings so all that anger and resentment and resistance is only in your life.  What you are projecting at others, is really being projected through you and keeping others at bay. Anger and resentment causes the body to break down and sickness to ensue.  You are not making someone else sick, you are doing it to yourself.

Many of you say, 'But he did this to me" or "But she did that" and the important word at the beginning of each sentence of reasoning is "But".  "But" is one of the most negative words used in our daily speech.  I love him but, I'd like to run but, I'd like to go on a trip but, I'd like to be free, but...   It is a contradictory word which only negates what you are trying to achieve. 

I could wake up each day and say, "My life is wonderful but it would be better if I had a new vehicle."  Well I've just stated that my life really isn't wonderful as I do not have that new vehicle that would make it just perfect.   That is as simple a way as I can explain it.

Today, this moment, I am crossing into the Light as I step forward, not backwards.  I am releasing all that pent up anger, resentment, pettiness so I can move forward without hitting that wall of resistance.  I am opening the gate that will let me pass through with only love and compassion for those around me.  I can only grow by releasing all the negative feelings which have arisen throughout my life and live through love.

True unconditional love is our only path.  Acceptance of others as they are, without change, acceptance of any mistakes or pain they have caused us, is our only means of reaching unconditional love.  When we are totally accepting and bear no malice towards anyone or anything else, we will have reached this point of unconditional love. We must also accept our self unconditionally.  We must be able to look into the mirror and see nothing but perfection and love for our self.  Our 'flaws' are only 'flaws' in our own eyes, we were made perfect in God's eyes and God does not make mistakes.  Our self-worth is projected outwards, how can others relate to us or love us if we cannot love our self? 

Take this moment to take your first steps and cross into the light and you will feel uplifted from the depths of your soul.  As you rise upward, the Universe will open up for you and life will become the blessed time that it was meant to be.


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