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Difference Between Spirit Guides And Angels

People often ask what is the difference between a spirit guide and an angel or angelic messenger. When I do readings for people, I have different modalities which will come to me during the reading and each will bring it's own very unique message and I will let people know who it is that is speaking or coming through.

A spirit guide is your guide which has at one time walked the earth. A spirit guide has had an earthly body, was a person, has lived many lifetimes and gained immense wisdom throughout these lifetimes. They have passed and their purpose now is to be there for whomever they are meant to assist through their life journey.A spirit guide watches your life, listens to you even though they already know your thoughts. Their messages are very unique to you when they send them through. It is a very personal message about your life or about your journey. They never rehash the past with you, they are only in the moment.. Each person has at least three different spirit guides in their life at all times. I have read people with more and some with less, however, the average seems to be three. During a reading, there is always one main spirit guide that consistently comes through and that is the guide that is a part of your life on a daily basis.

An angelic messenger, an angel, all of our angels, have never walked the earth. They are non-incarnate. Angels are assistants to Source, your God, my God. Angelic messengers are exactly what we picture them as. They enfold us in their loving arms or wings (if you see your angel as having wings) and give you comfort, protection and unconditional love. All angels are a part of our lives as we call them, as we need them and as we believe in them. They represent the love of God coming to each and every one of us. A Guardian Angel is a bit different. A guardian angel is assigned to you at birth and will remain with you throughout your lifetime. They are here to give you assistance, steer you in the right direction when you ask for their help. Your angels will never interfere with your life as you have been given free will. Your angels are only allowed to intervene in a life threatening situation. If it is not our time to return to Source, then they will do something to intervene and save our lives.

I have felt the love of my angels on many occasions, especially Archangel Michael, who offers me strength, protection and courage. My guardian angel has saved me from death or injury on more than one occasion and I am thankful that all my guides and angels are in my life. I have felt the love of my spirit guides who have offered me guidance. My main spirit guide is Shana and she has given me more insight to the real me than I could have ever achieved on my own.

For those of us on a spiritual journey, it is very important to not only believe in our angels and our spirit guides, it is important for us to talk to them, to use them and make them an important part of our lives. It is more important than ever for us to trust in the messages we are receiving from them and never, ever ignore them.

During your day, talk to them. Say "Hi, thank you for being in my life". You can tell them your concerns, even though they already know, you can still verbalize it. You can vent on them. You can let all your inner emotions come out to them. They do not judge, no matter what. They provide unconditional love always. You cannot ask for better than that.

When you receive that 'gut' feeling during your day about something, please listen to it. What is your first instinct on a thought or a question? Listen to it as that is usually the right answer for you. The 'gut' feeling is your guides coming in to help you make those decisions that follow you throughout your day.

Have you felt that amazing feeling of warmth and love in your being when you are alone, that sense of security, that sense of knowing - that is the moment that your angels are letting you know that they are right there with you. That is when they are making their very presence in your life known.

Have you had goosebumps or a tingling feeling run throughout your entire body when you are talking about something or someone, that is just another sign that your guides and angels are listening and they are happy and sending you full, unconditional, unbiased love.

I hope this provides some more clarity to those that have asked me about this.


Sheri Baldwin, RT

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