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Door to the Infinite

Inside each one of us is a door to the Infinite.  Take the time to go to your heart center and connect with Heaven.  We all have this ability.  When you reach this serene place, you become eternal and indestructible.  In these days of so much negativity and pessimism, we need to become indestructible and not let that negativity wear us down.

When you truly put yourself out there and take this inner journey, you will see beyond all life's challenges, you will see beyond all those things that tend to drag you down.  You will be able to reach the higher levels of your existence by holding your connection with the eternal,  by keeping your heart chakra in tune with Heaven and the Divine.

Each one of us has an inner light which can be transformed to be your greatest strength and your greatest wealth.  And wealth is not necessarily monetary, however, wealth (or abundance) of love, faith, friends, life, spirit - these are the important things in life.

Blessings to you and namaste,


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