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Dreams - They Are Here For Us All

This picture is my dream home.  I hold this in my heart and in my soul.  No matter what happens in life, I do not release my dream and give up.  No matter where the path leads, I know that my dream will become a true reality in my life.

When I picture this in my mind, I feel the peace that it brings and the good I can do for others through my dream.  This is a very important aspect of having a dream  - "How will it help others if you achieve your Highest dreams? "

There are many elements to having a dream.  Start with the 'why'.  Is it greed, selfishness or for a true purpose?  Why is this particular dream important?  Why is this planted in my heart?  

My answer to this is God planted this dream in my heart.  I want to be able to do more for others while connecting with nature and all the elements. 

Nature is important to all of us on a spiritual journey and being at one with the elements of water, air, fire, earth and the ethers.  You cannot do this in a congested city.  You cannot do this with all of the noise pollution or the constant clutter of life.  

More than ever, those of us on this spiritual path are getting hit with more and more energy and are feeling the effects of the lunar eclipses, the solar flares, the shifts in earth's energy and the negativity of much of the human race.  This is a time that we MUST find that place of peace and yet still help each other grow. 

Are you looking at your dreams from a place of what the good will be when you achieve it?  Do you do the good now in your current situation and the dream will enhance that ability and give you another aspect to offer others?   

When you read the above questions, take time to look at your life and the dreams in your heart.  Answer the questions in relationship to your dreams, thank Universe for putting them in your heart and then allow them to become your reality.  Detach from the how and just be in the moment.  It will happen.  Is is promised by the Most High.

All is well and in Divine order.

Blessings to you all

Sheri Baldwin

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