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Yesterday I had an amazing circle with a Connections group which I attend every month. The message I took away from there had to do with FAITH. This morning, I drew a card for myself - FAITH. When I looked down at a sheet of paper that was on my desk, the page and title was FAITH. When I received my daily inspiration from Pastor Joel Osteen, again the message was FAITH.

God works in amazing ways. He has sent me a message just as clear as if He was sitting here talking to me in person. When the messages come to me like this, I know that there is something very important that I must pay attention to. Take a moment to think about how many times you have had messages come to you in different forms however they have all had the same meaning. Did you pay attention or did you ignore them? I pay attention.

My card was reminding me of what a powerful quality faith is and how it can move mountains, however, I am to be aware and not have blind faith in people. I am a very trusting person and at times I trust in the good in all and again, at times, this has also been my downfall and the cause of many hurts. I am being reminded to put my faith in myself and in my Divine. That's a very simple and clear message.

My second message of faith was telling me that faith is not an intellectual knowledge that we carry around. Faith is based on the way the Universe operates based on God's principles. Faith is changed by how I think. Faith can be used in the positive or the negative. Faith in abundance is a positive faith. Faith in lack is a negative faith. We are hit with the commercialism of faith in the negative or lack sense every day. Huge industries are built on the fear of not enough food, not enough water, climate change, air quality, because the commercial world knows that a majority of the world believes in lack. They feed off this and they make huges profits from it as well.

My third message of faith, from Pastor Joel Osteen came from the scripture Matthew 21:22. "And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and believing, you will receive'. In the natural realm, we exchange money for the things we want and need. But in the spiritual realm, faith is what we exchange. The Bible tells us that when you pray, have faith, and you will receive it. Faith moves mountains. Faith pleases God. Faith is what opens doors. What is faith? It’s believing in God and His goodness. It’s knowing that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Faith is believing that the promises of God are true. It’s obeying His Word. It’s what causes you to act.

Now take a moment to think about Faith. Where does it come from? If you read the Bible, it states that everyone is given a measure of faith however faith grows by hearing the Word of God. So the more you hear it, read it and let it sink in your faith grows and you can easily believe in God's promises to you.

Truly, it doesn’t matter how much faith you have today, as you can increase your faith simply by choosing to obey God’s word. Thus it is Universal Law that faith will strengthen and grow.

I truly believe in the strong messages that Spirit places before me and that some are meant for me alone, others are there to share with those that are getting them however not hearing or paying attention to them.

There is only one truth in this world. There are never two truths. You either live in a Universe that is in lack or a Universe that is abundant. God's Universe is not made of lack so why do so many of us (and yes, I include myself in this at times) believe that we have to struggle through our life if we lead a spiritual path. This is so untrue.

When you believe in lack, it decreases your faith. When you believe in the true abundance of the Universe and what God has put there for us, it increases your faith substantially. When you believe in abundance and you believe that abundance is the only truth, then your faith will actually increase because no matter what society says, no matter what you finances say, no matter what a stack of bills on your table may say, no matter what people are trying to tell you, you KNOW that abundance is the only truth so you can make your decisions from this place versus making them from a place of lack.

You can choose to live in lack which is also lack of faith or you can shift your thinking to abundance and increase your faith at the same time your self-worth, self-esteem and self-knowing in God's love grows.

Each day, when you wake and breathe in the love of the Creator, know that you are breathing in Faith. You are breathing in the knowing that you are going to create a new experiene, new beliefs and you will start to build more confidence based on those positive beliefs.

I have Faith in the Master, the Divine, my Creator. I have Faith in his ability to supply all my needs and my desires. I have Faith that He will never leave me or my heart. As long as I stay in Faith, and live by His Universal Laws, I will be not only fine but exceptional in all I do and my spiritual growth will continue to soar.

Namaste & much love

Sheri Baldwin, RT

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