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Fear and Moving Through It

Take a moment to read the above definition of FEAR.  Which person are you?  Do you Forget Everything and Run or do you Face Everything and Rise? 

If you're the person that runs, don't feel bad or guilty.  Everyone at some point in their life has had something that paralyzed them to the point that they let fear control their happiness or their advancement on their life path.  I am no different.

With some people, it's as simple as a fear of spiders and yet we are so large in our human form as compared to the tiny spider.  There would be those that don't understand and say "how can you who's 130 or 230 pounds, be afraid of something that weighs no more than a dime and is smaller than a quarter?  All you have to do is step on it and you've squashed the life from it."  However to the person holding the fear, that tiny spider is as big as a mountain in their mind.

Fear of the tiny things in life is no different than fear of the major areas in life.  Fear is Fear.  It is still fear no matter how you look at it.

Several months ago, I was blessed to take a course from a wonderful teacher who was teaching a Miracle of Money course.  During this course we were asked to figure out what our fears were in respect to money or life.  We were asked to face all the blocks that kept jumping up in front of us, and even when we were afraid, we were to still move through and past them.

The first fear I faced was a huge one throughout my life - public speaking (whether behind a curtain or in front of people I could not speak out loud).  I was very quiet in a crowd and uncomfortable.  I was afraid - to the point of it being a paralyzing fear.  My first opportunity came when I was asked to participate on a radio show.  This was way out of my comfort zone and I had never spoken plus performed live readings on the air before.  After some debate, I realized if I said 'no, I'm sorry, I can't' then I would be stuck exactly where I was.  So I took that leap of faith, did some EFT and emailed the host saying how much I would love to be a part of his show.  All day long I was doing EFT, preparing notes in case he asked me questions, studied the answers and lo and behold, when the time came to do the show, nothing I had written was needed.  I told myself I could do this and survive.  What was the worst that could happen?  Those people listening didn't know who I was.  (Well that's what I thought).  The show ended up being a success and yes, you can tell I was nervous and hesitant at times, however i made it through to the end.  In fact, this and a couple of other interview I have done since, are here on the website under Links and Free Stuff for you to enjoy.  I did it!

Things progressed along and then this fear was brought to light again.  I was being asked to do live computer audio and video readings and just recently, live phone readings.  I would be tested for this - actually by both hosts that wanted me on their teams.  Now it was a test that came up.  On no.  When I was in school that word 'test" or "exam" were the two most hated words in the classroom.  I knew the work, however I just froze at the thought of being tested as a child and now as an adult.  Again, the EFT came into play, a few notes (which again were not necessary or needed) and Spirit came through and said "Sheri, be yourself, relax and the worlds will come".  Spirit is never wrong - remember that.  I listened to my guidance, relaxed and the test readings flowed.  I passed and the worry and fear was for nothing other than to give me sleepless nights and stress. 

The message I am sending to you is fear can stop you in your tracks if you let it.  If you face your fears and walk right on through them, you will become open and blessed with so many gifts and blessings.  Source is always with you and wants you to be happy.  Source will give you the strength, words, actions, wisdom and peace of mind that you need to make it to the next level of your journey.

The next time you feel that FEAR heading your way, kick it in the butt and let it know that you are stronger than your fears and you are willing to Face Everything and Rise

Namaste, Sheri Baldwin, RT

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