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Feathers, Red Tail Hawk & Gifts from Spirit

Feathers to me are very sacred.  They are the gifts from spirit, gifts from heaven and gifts from the angels that watch over me daily.  They are also gifts from my protectors and totems.

There are times that life throws such curves at us and we tend to get caught up in the drama of everyone else's life.  This small bit of stress (or large to some of you) can cause such agony within.  When this happens to me, and yes, it still happens to me when I am not grounded enough or I am run down, I take time to look at my feathers and feel their presence, and see the bird as it carried them through the sky with great strength and beauty.

The red tail hawk is one of the most dominant my power bird totems.  Hawks are known as the messengers, the protectors and the visionaries of the air.    They can awaken the visionary power within you and lead you to your life purpose.  It is the messenger bird, and when it shows up, I pay attention, always. 

When traveling the roads, which many of you know, I do often, I will see my beautiful red tail hawks on posts or tree tops along the side of the road I am traveling.  When they are sitting upright in all their glory, they are such a beautiful bird of prey.  The message I receive is that my travels will be safe.  I will not be in an accident or other incident - I am safe on the road.  However, when that beautiful red tail hawk flies directly in front of me and close to the road, I immediately slow down as many times the hawk has told me of danger looming ahead.  Sometimes it is a speed trap and other times it has been an accident that if I had not have slowed, I would have been involved in.  One incident that sticks out is when my partner and I were traveling to Niagara Falls about a year ago and after seeing a swooping hawk, slowed and within a minute or two of us traveling a mile or so up the road, a car had driven too fast on an entrance ramp and flipped over in the middle of the road.  Had we not slowed, we knew we would have been hit by this car. 

I always respect my totems and I always listen for their messages.

The red tail of the hawk is symbolic and ties to the kundalini which is associated with the root chakra.  If the red tail hawk is your totem, you will be working with the kundalini at some point.  My totem has been there for me for years, even prior to me being on this spiritual journey that I am walking and now that I am beginning to move towards my soul purpose they are showing themselves to me more than ever.  My visions are enhanced and my life is better for it.  My hawk teaches me to soar on the currents and rise above the problems or issues in my life.  It teaches me to soar to great heights and still keep grounded. 

Many of you may have noticed at some point, how smaller birds tend to attack hawks and birds of prey which when you compare the size of them, seems so ironic and almost comical.  All the hawk would have to do is turn his beak or talons on these small birds and they would be his snack of the day.  They do not do this.   This is a very important lesson to us that there will be attacks on us from the people that don't understand us or how we are using our energy.  Others will attack our ability to soar.  We must learn from the hawk - it is attacked mid air and continues to soar as if the smaller birds are just a nuisance. 

Have you ever taken the time to just watch a large bird of prey soar - the wind carries them so gracefully and yet they are among the strongest birds.  They can pick up small dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, rodents with just a swoop and yet they are so graceful to watch and they only kill to feed.  They do not kill for fun.  They do not waste. 

The hawk also teaches us the balance necessary to discover our true purpose in life.  Meditating with the red tail hawk will lead you to find your creative energy in manifesting your soul purpose.   It reflects an intensity of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual forces and will stimulate hope and new ideas. 

Back to the feathers now.  I have been blessed with finding feathers on my path and have two red tail hawk feathers and a sharp shinned hawk feather.  I also have goose, turkey and the precious white angel feathers (as I call them) that will show up on my path as I'm questioning things in my life.  People have presented them to me knowing that I use these in my smudging and cleansing ceremonies or just knowing that I will honor them with the same pride that the bird honored them with as he wore them.  I use them during meditation, reiki and other healing practices. 

Most importantly, I use them to remind me of the beauty of being able to soar.  Through flight, these beautiful birds communicate with humans and with the Creator's spirit.  It awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose. 

That my friends, is why I am soaring free.



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