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Find Your Answers Within

When faced with a decision, a problem or a life changing event, we have all been told to find the answer within.   For those that give us this answer, it's second nature to them.   However, for the rest of us, what exactly does that mean? 

Throughout the years, I have had many life changing events (or lessons) and have made decisions where that lingering doubt is always in the background.  That little voice keeps saying "did you make the right decision?  are you sure?  that's the wrong thing, maybe or maybe it was the right thing?"  Confusion and just more anxiety over what I should have done or whether or not what I did was the right thing.

We have also been told lately that there is no right and wrong decision in our life.  It is exactly as it is supposed to be in this moment in time. 

I am going to use an extreme example to give a very simplistic answer to this dilema of what does finding the answer within really mean.  If I was standing in a bank and there was no one else around and a teller had left a pile of money on the counter, I am now faced with a decision.  I need to find that answer within on this issue.  Do I just take the money off the counter and walk out?    Do I walk out of the bank and leave it there?    Do I try to find someone and notify them about this?.

To find the answer within, I am looking for the the answer that will give me a feeling of calm or peace.  Answer 1:  If I was to grab the pile of money and walk out of the bank, I would be filled with fear, anxiety, watching over my shoulder.  What did I do?  Is someone following me?  Is someone going to find out?  Am I going to jail?  However, I am broke and the money was just left there and it would pay a lot of bills and buy groceries for my family.  (That's my counter ego speaking) But does taking care of my bills and family warrant the cost to my health that this decision would make?  What happens if I get caught?  My family will lose me, possibly be put in the CAS system which is so flawed.  I have not provided for them, only made matters worse.

Answer 2:  Do I walk out of the bank and leave it there?  What would my emotions be?  Would I be wondering if someone else walked in and took it?  Would I be responsible or considered an accomplice?  Could I be at peace with myself over this decision?  I would still be anxious and that is not the right answer either.

Answer 3:  Do I try to find someone and notify them about this?   Would I feel better, at peace, calm, content, happy knowing that I called 911 and told them about the situation I walked into?  Yes I would.  In the back of my mind, I am questioning, why was this money left here, what happened and why is no one around?  I would step out of the bank, call 911 and wait for their response and let them handle the situation from there.   This would bring me peace.  I listened to my inner voice or my intuition and that calm feeling that I have in the pit of my stomach means that the answer was the right one for me.

I know the above seems like a no-brainer easy case scenario for most of us.  (And I say most of us as there are still those that would grab the money and run).  But it really is as simple as that.  What gives your stomach, heart, intuition or whatever word you want to apply to it, the ease and peace from your decision. 

When I first progressed on this spiritual journey, I found that I was conflicted more and more and when I made bad decisions, I felt it.  I felt it for not only minutes after, but hours and sometimes days until I was able to correct it or change it.  Now, I take the time to sit, close my eyes, breathe, meditate if I have to and feel the right answer which comes from within.  Sometimes it takes longer to find that answer, but it is there, shhhhhhh listen, truly listen to what your body is telling your heart and mind.  They are never wrong.

Peace love and light to you all.  Namaste

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