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Finding Balance in This Hectic World

How many of you have found your world turned upside down lately?  How many of you have been waiting for that dream to manifest itself and roadblocks are hitting you from every direction?  How many of you are ready to just give up?

This world as we knew it several years ago is gone. That ability to just go outside, read a book, play with a child, take a vacation, achieve big dreams on very little, has passed us by.  Our world has become a technological nightmare with everyone pushing for more, more, more.  Our children or grandchildren are required to learn far beyond what we did as students. We are required to work longer hours and after being taxed barely take home enough money to pay our bills.  Is that the world you are living in at this time?

I have been watching people and carefully listening to their concerns right now and the biggest message I have received is "everything is falling apart" "my world is so off kilter"  and "I am so stressed out".   This is the world that media, social media, society in general has created.  Many are employed as just a number, not a human being.  The programs we watch on television are telling us we are not doing enough.  They are showing an unrealistic view of what life is like.  Does that prince come in a rescue you?  Not likely.   Does that dream come to pass and you live happily ever after?  Not likely.   Or does it?

Each one of us is in charge of creating our own reality.  Whether it is good or bad, we are responsible.  When you are focused on one area of your life, the other areas will start to fade and fall apart.  When you are trying to have it all, the stress sets in and your health starts to suffer and yes, even your family and relationships.  

After taking this last year to focus on what it is that is important in our society, I have found that we all need to turn off the news which is filled with negativity, death, disaster, war and sensationalism of the reality.  The news media creates interest by exaggerating negativity.  This does not serve your Highest good.  It will actually start destroying pieces of you and your belief in a good world. 

I have also found that social media has become a bashing place. Yes there are kind things, inspirational posting, however there is always a troll that will follow each post and put something negative on it.  Some comments are filled with hate and verbally abusive.  However, there is a cure for this too.  If you are on social media, start to hide posts that show up with negativity and if someone is being abusive with their words, simply delete them or block them.  Do you truly know these people?  Are they your real friends?  Can you call them and speak to them or do you only speak online?   Delete that which destroys the goodness inside of you.  It only takes a simple click.

When life becomes off balance for you, you must bring yourself back to a peaceful and even point.  You need time every day for yourself.  Simple 'me' time as I call it is imperative to your growth and at times your sanity.  "Me" time will give you peace inside, even if only for a few minutes.  It is worth it.   Five minutes here and there throughout the day can calm your nerves, lower blood pressure and give you a sense of peace in this hectic world.   Whenever possible, take at least half hour to do something nice for yourself, whether it is sitting and reading a book, taking a sea salt  or Epsom salt bath, taking a nap, taking a walk in nature, meditating, drawing, writing, painting, listening or playing music, or simply doing something that you love.   When you start this practice your inner self will start to find a deeper level of peace.

It is important that you are balanced in your life with health, career or school, financial, relationships, family and yourself.  Mind, body and spirit when truly balanced, will bring you to a Higher level of growth and calm.  Life will get easier, walls will fall away and you will begin to manifest your dreams.  When you change your reality, your reality changes you. 

Everyone will have dark times in their life circumstances, however when you can clear these blocks, doors of opportunity will start to open.  When you continue on your path with perseverance and love, Universe will help you pull the walls down.  Yes, it is a test.  Your greatest blessings come on the other side of your greatest challenges in life.  If you give in to the depression, the anger or the disappointments, you will never receive your true blessings. 

The next time you feel your world falling apart, look at yourself in the mirror and say with conviction "I am not a victim.  I will be victorious over this and my blessing is just waiting on the other side of it.  I am strong and I am a conqueror."  Believe in yourself and again, and most important, take time for yourself and all will be well and in Divine order.

Blessings to you always

Sheri Baldwin

Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre

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