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Forgiveness The Spiritual Version vs The Psychologist

I have been working on issues that still arise in my life and I have not yet moved past.  Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with a counselor about some childhood issues and was somewhat shocked by her answers vs those of our spiritual teachings.

We are taught to forgive those that have wronged up and move past it, move forward, don't look back throughout our spiritual world.  We are taught that in order to live, receive, achieve, progress, go forward, we must forgive.  We don't have to like what happened or what some other person inflicted on us, however, we do have to forgive and release the hate, the anger and the resentment.  This is my world.

When speaking to he counselor, she insisted that I be angry, hate, crucify, the person(s) involved in all issues which still sneak back into my life.  She continued to say that the spiritual way of dealing with issues is not realistic or even remotely healing.  Wow!  What a statement. 

Now I sit here tonight thinking that I had been making so much progress, in moving forward.  I have let go, I have moved forward with a few glitches, I have forgiven and I have asked God to bless the people that had done the indignities to me and caused pain from my past.  This is my truth. 

I wonder if this advice that our friends, our children, and our parents are getting from these educated counselors is actually taking them backwards on their healing and progression in life.  Here I am being told to forgive myself but do not forgive the perpetrator, the abuser. Not once was I told to let go of the anger, the hate or the rage.  Not once was I told to release the hurt and move forward.  I was only told to forgive myself. 

My life is so much better now than it was back when I was a child.  My life is so much better now than it was when I was a pre-teen, a teenager, a young adult.  My life is blessed and no, not because I have held onto hate, rage and resentment.  It is better because I have forgiven me and further more, I have forgiven those that have hurt me. 

I fear what this advise is doing to our society.  When you hold that anger inside, it will eventually come out. and when it does, will it be brutal or fatal? I told the counselor that to hold onto rage only eats the person holding onto it up inside.  It's not bothering any other person that was involved.  Heck, most of the others have probably forgotten about the incidents by now. 

God put us on this earth to learn one lesson and one lesson fully.  To live our lives with unconditional love.  UNCONDITIONAL means without conditions, without buts, without exception.  I choose to live my life in a state of blessing, gratitude and unconditional love.  I choose to forgive myself and all those that inflicted any type of pain throughout my life.  I choose to thank God every day for at least one thing that is in my life at the present moment.

It is time that we took a good hard look at what our counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists are learning at school and change the lessons.  The old ways are definitely not the right ways.  Change is needed to move forward.  The schools, the teachers, the parents and the preachers need to teach unconditional love and forgiveness.  Love will conquer all - it is the truth - it is my truth.

Namaste and blessings,


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