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Hanging On To The Wrong Person

As I continue to take calls and questions from people in pain, the one common denominator in many of these questions is the effect another person is having on their life.

So many people are in relationships with the wrong person. They hang onto someone just waiting for things to change or be different however that is not what happens. People do not change for another person and if they do, it never lasts or works out. People can only change themselves for themselves to make it last.

Hanging onto the wrong person in your life – whether it be a friend, family, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, and even a boss, can hold you back from having your best and Highest good in life. It can keep the amazing blessing that is waiting for you from coming in.

One of the biggest excuses (yes, I call it an excuse) is “but I love him or her” or “but I need him or her”. These are simply excuses for you not to take a chance at a better life. These are simply excuses for you to hang onto the misery in your life and keep yourself in a place of being stuck while blaming someone else. You alone are in charge of how your life goes or doesn’t go. You cannot expect another person to become what you want them to be.

When you say someone is making you depressed, it is a misconception. You are allowing someone to hurt you, you are allowing someone to have an effect on you that is out of alignment with your true nature. You have control here. You can simply cut it off and walk away however so many choose to remain in that state of unrest and despair while waiting for change.

Life is about living. You are meant to live every moment to the fullest. You are meant to live every moment for your Highest good. You are meant to be happy, fulfilled and full of joy and love. However, these things do not come from another person. They have to come from within you first and foremost and then other people in your circle can enhance each area of your life. If they pull you down or try to make you feel that you are less than who you truly are, you simply cut the cord and walk away. No more excuses are acceptable. It is time to grow into the amazing person that you are meant to be. You stand up, you walk away and you allow the right people, the right job, the right environment to be in your life so you can thrive and grow. This is simply life as God and your angels want it to be for you.

Take some time today to look at your life and the people that are in it. At times this is truly hard to do as some of these people have been in your life for many years. Look at this from a honest perspective and only one person (or job or situation) at a time. When you look at the person’s name, write down the first thing that pops into your head about the person. (Not that you love them however it is about what thought of the person comes into your head.) It can be smart, lazy, aggravating, loud, quiet, demanding, draining, uplifting, lucky, blessed, lucky, disgusting… there are many words that may come up and it may not just be one word. Write down what shows up. Take your emotional self (your feelings out of the picture when you do this exercise). Be 100% honest – this does not work if you are creating a false scenario about someone or something.

Those that have negative things coming out onto the paper, those are the ones that you need to release from your life simply so someone better can come in. Holding onto the negative people, will drag you down to their level or control you in a way that you were never meant to be controlled. It is time to stand up and be the amazing person that you were always meant to be. However ONLY YOU can do this. No one else can create the scenario you are looking for – it is in your hands. Are you willing to do the work? Let go of the ‘but I love him or her’ excuse. Stand up and allow the best blessings to come into your life by getting rid of the walls that hold you back.

Blessings to you always

Sheri Baldwin

Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre

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