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Have You Found Your Purpose?

In my day to day living, I come across people of all ages, nationalities and beliefs.  The one area that each person has in common is that they have been filled with gifts (or talents) from Source however not all are using what has been gifted to them.  Those are the ones that are not truly happy with themself.  They struggle with many of the simple things in life and miss out on the fabulous adventures that await them.  Are you one of these people?

How many people have you heard say "Well I'll be happy when I find a partner" or "I'll be happy when I get healthy" or "I'll be happy when I'm rich".  These statements make no sense.

Loving oneself is essential in this lifetime before attracting a partner.  The happiness comes from within not from another person.

Loving oneself when you're disabled can be a blessing.  When people see that you are loving yourself and emitting true happiness from within, then they see that their issues are not important in the whole scheme of things.  A prime example is Rick Hansen.  He was healthy and could do it all until an accident placed him in a wheelchair.  He has conquered his disability, married, had children, raised money for great causes and lives his life to the most.  He has  bungee jumped in his wheelchair as he knows that just because he doesn't have the ability to use his legs, he does have the ability to move forward in his life and live it to his Highest good.

Loving oneself is essential when it comes to financial abundance.  You can have all the money in the world and if you don't love yourself first and truly know happiness at the stage you are presently at, you will still be unhappy even if you are rich.  I know many people that have no sense of true love or happiness who are wealthy.  They are always thinking someone is out to get them or take them for what they have, they never have enough, they don't trust and 'things' are what they feel makes them happy however they truly aren't.  When you find that love inside yourself first, abundance of any kind has much more meaning.  Abundance from living to your Higher self and to the best of your ability makes such a difference.

Everyone has a purpose in life.  Everyone has been put here for a reason.  It all starts with love, however, what is the next step?  How do you find that purpose?  How do you implement it?   I have the ability to help guide you through the process if you choose to take the steps and commit the time and energy.  It is difficult for many to make a 15 minute commitment each day or a half hour commitment.  Life gets in the way - No life does not get in the way, they ALLOW life to get in the way.  If one cannot make a small time commitment, how do they expect to honor their life purpose? 

I am living my life purpose and I didn't truly realize the significance of it until a life altering event several years ago. Do I wish I knew how to access this information as a youth?  Sure I do.  However, had I not lived the amazing life lessons throughout my lifetime, I would have never learned or accessed the compassion that comes from within.  I would have not known how to hold the hand of another while they experience life.  It is all as it was meant to be and I am living my life now with purpose, my purpose and the purpose that Source put inside of me.

Yes there will be bumps in the road, mountains to pass by and brick walls to break down, however as you learn the tools for your particular path, it becomes easier and life manifests those things that you put out so much faster.

When you can get up every day and say "I love myself, I love my life, and I love my work" then you have arrived and you are living the life that God put you here to live. 

Blessings love & light to all of you.

Sheri Baldwin, Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre

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