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How Has the 2012 Shift Affected You?

We are now in the final few months of 2012, The Shift as it has been referred to, the end of the Mayan Calendar.  Throughout this past year, what has The Shift meant to you in your life?  How has it affected you during these last few months and what do you see coming in this final quarter of the year?

I have spoken to many people recently who have had upheaval and trials during this last year and could not understand why all this 'crap' was hitting them head on.  Things would go great and then bam!  They would get knocked down again.  This was happening time and time again and yes, even for me and those I love.  The world is in a state of unrest and violence.  Crime is up and rising.  People are being hurtful and hateful.  People that have had everything, are losing it all and having to start over again. Some people cannot sleep.  Some people will feel their body tense for no reason.    Some will burst out in laughter while others burst out in tears.  Some will feel total anger and not understand why.  The emotional and physical effects are strong and they can affect one's ability to even get out of bed in the morning.

The essence of it is that we are shifting from our current limited state, to a higher vibration and level of consciousness - a more spiritually evolved state, free from many of the individual and collective problems of our present existence. We are evolving beyond the state in which fear, violence, struggle, and strife can thrive. We are growing into a more enlightened state of being, which will be characterized by unity, peace, cooperation, compassion, harmony and freedom from many of our current limitations.

We were told that this Shift was going to be a cleansing time for us all and it certainly has been.  If there were unsettled issues, they were brought to the forefront time and time again.  If there were things that you were procrastinating on, again, they were being shoved in your face so you could deal with them. 

People talked of the end of the world in December 2012 because that's when the Mayan calendar ends.  Our world as we know it is coming to a close, and a new better way of life is going to come out of all of this.  So do not carry fear into this final phase of 2012.  This is a time to fix all those things that you have avoided dealing with, to repair relationships with others and yourself.  This is a time you are to forgive all and then most importantly, forgive yourself.  You don't have to like what someone has done or even accept it, just forgive it and walk away.  It doesn't hurt them that you have unforgiveness in your heart, it only holds you back from a better life.

During these past few months, I realized that many of the lessons that others are encountering now are lessons that I have had to deal with myself over the past few years. I have dealt with many types of abuse, physical, sexual and mental; suicide; loss of friends and family, addictions resulting in family break ups, marriage dissolution, and so many more.  What do these all have in common?  They are all learning tools for the victory that we are all going to accomplish when we finish this year of cleansing. 

Each one of us has a victorious module inside of us however not all use it.  When you sit and meditate, take a moment to call on your angels and ask them to bring that victory module up to heal the hurts, to help you come out of the pain and losses in a victorious manner and to not have to deal with the same lessons over and over again until you acknowledge what they are. 

The following are some steps to take to get through these last few months of this changing period in our lives.

Step 1:   Meditate daily.  This is ideal for relaxing and allowing the intense cosmic energies to flow through you, rather than resisting them.  This will facilitate the process of raising your consciousness and vibration.  This will also allow any of your past stuff, the baggage that we all carry with us, to dissipate during this time and leave you essence.

Step 2:   Stay centered at all times.  While you are going about your day,  remember as often as possible to shift your attention back to that calm inner center you’ve touched upon in meditation.  When you are worked up, pay attention to your breathing  for a few moments.  This will bring that still cal back to your being.    Remembering to stay centered is also a very effective way to reduce stress, as well as a good way to become accustomed  to living at a higher vibration. Currently we are being subjected to powerful upward and downward pulling energies. Shifting back to your calm center as often as possible helps you stay aligned with the upward pull.

Step 3: Learn to trust in the Higher Divine and ask for their assistance. There is much support available from the unseen realms to help us move through this difficult transition.  Call upon your angels, your spirit guides and your Source when you need assistance and even when you don't.  Trust that they will be there with you to hold your hand and carry your through these times.

Remember that we are in a remarkable period right now.  Look at your neighbor, the person you cross paths with in the street and what do you see?  Look at their face, in their eyes, what do you see?  I see only goodness and love; even if their truth is sadness and hurt.  I send loving thoughts to all I see during the day in hopes of helping that one person and make a difference in what's going on in their life.

When you smile at another and say hello, remember you are doing something so wonderful in Universe's eyes.  You are sending God's love, through you and there is nothing more pleasing to Him.

Remember this mantra:  I will be strong.  I will love.   I will do what is right.  I will not seek revenge.  I will not distribute hateful or unkind thoughts or words.  I will love.  I will be more passionate in my life's goals and my day to day living.  I will be love.  I am a vessel put here by Source and it was Source's intention that I will be love. 

Namaste and blessings

Sheri Baldwin, RT

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