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I AM a Work In Progress

I have often brought up the message of be careful of what you say after the words "I AM" as you are declaring your destiny.   It is vitally important that we choose our words wisely as each one of us is in a state of manifestation and we are all manifesting what we speak.

For those that say "I AM nothing, I AM a failure, I AM never going to have my dreams come true" you are correct.  You have declared your destiny.  You can just as easily change the words to "I AM amazing. I AM learning life lessons all the time so I can advance, I AM going to realize all my dreams and bring them to fruition." 

The question is, however, why do we so easily declare our inadequacies (at least the ones that we feel we have) and have such a difficult time with the positives.  When I queried this out to some of you, the biggest response was "because I don't see any of the good or any of the dreams coming true".    The beliefs that each one us grew up with are what we carry through in our adult life unless we each take steps to acknowledge them, release the negative beliefs, and create a new positive space in our minds and our beings.

Success is only what you believe.  It is not what others see, however it is the truth of who you are.  The homeless person sees you as successful because you are not living on the street, however you may see yourself as a failure because you are not living in the home of your dreams.  The middle class see the rich as successful, however the poor see the middle class as successful.  It is all a matter of perspective.

Each day for one month, I ask that before your feet hit the ground, you say the following mantra:  I AM BLESSED, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, SUCCESSFUL AND LOVED.  I AM ALL THAT I CHOOSE TO BE.  I AM GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER.

Just that small exercise will start to change the way you feel, the way opportunities flow into your life and the direction your mind has you going in.  You will become all that you are meant to be and when you kick the negative aspects of your thoughts to the curb, you will become a better person working toward your Highest good.

It is that simple. 

Blessings to all

Sheri Baldwin

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