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Inhale Blessings, Exhale Gratitude

Inhale blessings, exhale gratitude. This is the message I received today as I was contemplating what to write about.

When you go about your day, as each one of us does, are you thinking about all the blessings in your life? Are you thinking about all those things that you are grateful for? Or is your day full of judgment, anger, sadness, and an overall negative outlook on our world?

Today, during my meditation, I took time to breathe in my blessings, to think about each blessing, one at a time, with every breath. As I exhaled, I gave thanks for each blessing, one at a time. It was one of the most relaxing meditations I have had in a very long time. Why now?

My message continues, with how each one of us is to find life and love in all that is. We are to constantly be aware of the presence of Source in all things. Do you know that each tiny part of our huge world is actually an expression of love?

Source has given us this huge planet, the earth, the skies and all that exists in it to tend to with an expression of love. The air - are we doing all we can to clean it and keep it pure? The water - are we still polluting our water? Our land - are we depleting our resources by chopping down more trees, building more greenhouses to cover up the natural land, putting up wind towers that have been proven to cause electrical frequencies below the ground?

Today, you are all being asked to raise your thoughts beyond the limits of your beliefs about this world and its current state of destruction. Today you are being asked to open up your heart to new convictions and to the magic provided by Source, the miracles provided by Source and the beauty in all that is. It truly is a beautiful planet, when you can pull back that veil of illusion and look beyond the material aspects. The wild flowers just grow, the grass and trees just grow. Truly we do not have to do anything to cause them to grow as Universe has taken care of all their needs. The birds know that there are worms in the ground, bugs on the trees, fish in the water. The fish know there is plankton in their water or smaller fish for them to eat. They just know. They don't analyze it, they don't question it. They just know. As humans, we question, we worry and we destroy. We don't have that tendency to just believe it to be so.

This week you are being asked to do at least one meditation a day. During this meditation, you are being asked to inhale each blessing in your life and exhale gratitude for each one as well. It is not a lot to ask. It will actually open your heart up to receive more blessings. This is truly the way the Master created us - to be loving, grateful and recognize each blessing that comes into our life.

I want to give thanks to each one of you. I consider each and every one of you a blessing in my life and that will never change. You have given me the grace of your presence here on Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre. You have shared with me, you have brought me new joy and friendships and made my life into a better world.

Thank you and Namaste.

Sheri Baldwin, RT

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