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Lessons From a Healer


This past month, I was blessed to be able to spend two days scribing for and learning from Mandaza Kandemwa, a traditional healer (Shaman) from Zimbabwe Africa.


We met two years ago when I volunteered to help a very special friend who was going to be hosting him for the time he spent in our area. I was a welcoming person and scriber depending on which one of us wanted to do the writing and which one wanted a break. When I heard he was returning to our area this year, I jumped up immediately to volunteer to scribe for him again, knowing that I had to be there. Spirit was directing me to do this again.


Mandaza had several people that wanted to hear what messages he had for them, how they could hear their own messages and answers to some very strong and personal questions. Even though I had done this work two years prior with him, something was different this time. Spirit was very strong while I sat quietly as he worked with each person that came in to see him. I was writing almost with an ease of connection where I knew what he was going to say before it came out of his mouth. I was able to write almost as quickly as he spoke and when he described things which he wanted drawn, I knew exactly what the picture was supposed to be. My hand was connected with Spirit. The lessons he spoke, the counsel he gave, were not only for his patient, however there were messages that were for me as well.


There are so many aspects of others' lives that are intertwined within our own. We share the same or similar experiences. We are walking the same journey however on different paths. We are all working as one to create a better Mother Earth and to please our Source. We are here to heal, share and love. It truly is a very simple path. It truly is us, as humans, that tend to make things so complicated.


Mandaza offers people ways to connect with their Spirits whether they are water, land, air or Universe. He offers rituals to let go of hurts and ask for forgiveness in a way that is private and relative to the person performing the ritual.  He offers explanations to one's sleeping dreams with a simple explanation that our human mind can comprehend. He offers release and growth methods and he does this all from a place of true, unconditional love.


When we had finished with the last person on the Friday, he asked me to stay back and talk to him for a moment. He looked me in the eye and said, many of those messages, were for you as well. Yes, I realized that every time I wrote one. He told me it was time to move forward and my work was not finished. I wasn't doing enough and it was time to do more in my healing and spiritual journey. Oh, yes, I knew that too. He gave me a blessing to bring more courage and strength to get out there and do what needed to be done to heal Mother Earth, to heal old wounds, to bring clarity to others with their sleeping dreams. He would tell certain people to 'bring your dreams to Mama" (He likes to refer to women  as 'Mama'.) It was my time to start helping more people.  


I truly received the message(s) that were sent my way. When I left that day, I stopped to see my friend and he told me I was glowing and that I had such a different look about my face and aura and now that I see the picture that Mandaza took with me, I can see the blessings and gifts that he has given me through my journey. I feel a deeper connection than before and a knowing that my work is not done. I know the path that I am to follow and I know there will be many forks in the road. However, I know when whatever blocks come up to stop me, I have the tools and rituals inside of me to break through them and if the block is too high, I just go around it.


If you ever have the opportunity to spend any time with Mandaza or to go to Africa to visit him and his 42 children, please tell him that Sheri from his Ontario visit is doing as he said and my gifts are being sent out to those that need them. If you wish to help him or learn more about him and what he does, his website is  You will not be disappointed - he is pure love.

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