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Let Yourself Go With The Flow

Haurvatat is the Guardian Angel of the Rivers.  I have been doing a lot of water related work recently as my spirit guides and fairies are more water related.  My attraction for water has always been in my system, from childhood on.  I find peace at the water.  I find answers at the water.  I find relief from stresses when I play in the water.  I am able to clear that which holds me back by playing with the water spirits. 

The message I have received today is from Haurvatat. 

I guide the silver water of your life to flow smoothly and free from too many rapids.  Sometimes it is swift with strong current, sometimes there is a point of stillness where it hardly moves and all is revealed to you in startling clarity. 

What exactly does this mean?  Well, consider yourself in terms of your river of life.  At this very moment are you contending with the current or are you hardly moving at all and wondering what to do next?  These moments are given to you to use wisely, so you can rest from the current to view your way ahead.  In the abundant river of life, you can also deal with drought and with floods, for the river is never consistent and during these periods you try to protect the life within and around you.  Be comforted, for the wild rides allow you to sense the contrast and who would enjoy a long cool drink if they never had gone thirsty?  The water spirits help to protect you from the excesses both from within and outside of yourself, guiding you to channel your passion for life and live in beneficial rather than destructive ways. 

The tidal rivers have an ebb and a flow which is simply for you a time to go forward, which most of us generally prefer to do, and a time to hold back, which many of us find difficult to do at times.  However at times we must hold back as it is to our benefit and is the wisest choice even if our ego is fighting a forward moving decision.  Listen to your angels, listen to your soul, listen to your intuition.  The answer is always there and it is the right answer.

Never try to fight against everything, for this will take all your energy and in the end will result in giving you absolutely nothing.  Let the life force of the river direct you when to move, when to pause. Life the rivers you have great power, use it intuitively when the time is right, always with love and not simply for personal gain.  When you do this you will find and keep inner peace.

Namaste and blessings,


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