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Letting Go Allows Miracles To Happen

I am no different from you and you are no different than me.  We truly are all connected by our spirituality, our beliefs, our thoughts, our words and our actions.  Source has created us and we all live on this planet we call Earth.

We tend to hold onto things and people which no longer serve us.  Fear keeps us attached as well as that comfortable feeling.  Some people hang onto other people for dear life, even though they treated them badly, because they do not feel they are good enough for anyone else.  Some people hang onto material things because to let it go would diminish their self-worth or comfort zone by some means.

This was a hard lesson that I had to learn and overcome.  Two years ago I had had my father's house up for sale (for over a year) and did not have even a bite on it.  I was not ready to release it and my energy was affecting anyone from going near the house to even look at it, let alone make an offer.  My attachment, through my thoughts, were holding on for dear life and not letting go.  I didn't like the house, in fact I hated what it represented.  It was a burden to me and my feelings of resentment, anger and despise for the house were what was keeping it from selling.   Like I said, a very hard lesson to learn.

On September 24, 2014 I  went to visit the renters who were in the house.  The people were a God-send to me.  They came shortly after I took it off the market a couple years ago.  For the first time in over 50 years, I was able to walk into this house and it felt like a home.  It felt like love and suddenly I was at peace with the house. I had a new real estate person lined up (one that was more in line with my energy and a Reiki master).  Everything about this situation just felt right.  The timing was right.  I was no longer attached to the house in a negative way and I wanted to see someone purchase it that had love in their hearts as well.

September 24, the realtor met me at the house, took pictures and I realized it was time to sell it.  I signed the papers after speaking to my renters who had already planned on moving shortly to town in the coming months.  The For Sale sign went up on September 25.  September 26, the house was sold.  One day from the time the sign was in the ground to the sale.  1 day!   What had changed?  What was different this time? 

When I brought my sales papers home (the original listing papers), I did reiki on the paperwork and said "Thank you for the quick sale of this house at a good price".  My realtor and her husband also did reiki on their copy of the paperwork.  Well, I received my quick sale and the price was only $1,000 less than I had listed it for.  

From this I had one more issue, the condition on the sale was possession on October 31.  By law, through the Tenant Landlord Act, I was required to give my renters two monthsl notice.  This was one month and it was an unbreakable condition.  I told my tenants the situation and told them that I would not put them out however they told me to do what I needed and that we would work it out.  That day, they found an apartment with a November 1 date.  She emailed the landlady and was able to get permission to move in on October 29, 2 days prior to the possession date of the house sale.

I am sharing this with you to show you that manifesting your reality was my whole theme for 2014.  This house had been such a burden for me for the last 6 years, however when I changed my thinking, detached from the negativity I had for this house and looked at is as a loving home, it sold in a flash.  The reality on my vision board was checked off.

Each one of you has something which you wish to change in your life.  Each one of you has goals, dreams and intentions.  Are you accomplishing them or are you sliding by with 'what if's' or 'it'll never happen' or 'that dream is an impossibility'.   Nothing is impossible if you put your focus on the good and with a loving heart. 

Letting go allows miracles to happen!

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