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Life Can Change For The Better

Do you wonder where it is you are headed in this life? Are you confused about the future or even where you are now? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are definitely not alone.

This is such an amazing time for all of us. We are in a stage of spiritual growth right now as we are heading through our shift. Have you felt your calling is more prominent in your life and where you currently are is just not as important? Have you felt that what you are currently doing as a 'job' is just that, a 'job' and you feel so dissatisfied with life and what you are doing?

I was lucky. I walked away from my 'job' several years ago to figure out what exactly I needed for 'me' to satisfy my inner growth and what was it that I could do to be of service to others that would also bring that inner fulfillment to me at the same time. I have always had a spiritual passion. Was this my time? The answers did not come easy at that time. There was fear of the unknown, fear of not knowing how to do what I wanted to do, and truly fear of just not knowing for sure what I was supposed to be doing.

Since I was young, I had dreams of things that were going to happen, I would know when someone close to me was passing over, I had dejavu moments - all of which I did not understand fully until just a few years ago. At times, I feared what I knew, I feared what I felt and that big word 'fear' was controlling my life, my happiness and my journey.

Fear is one of the biggest binding forces we deal with in this lifetime. Fear prevents movement and when you stand still -- nothing happens. We all need action in our lives to be happy and to live. When the action stops, we may as well be six feet under.

I teach a Spiritual Awakening E-course and it involves finding out exactly where you are in your life at this very moment, the foundation of your being, where your feet are planted (or not planted) at this moment in time. The first lesson of this course has the deepest self discovery process that occasionally makes people stand back and go AHA I now understand why I am so stuck. Others, it may take longer or someone else to look at the answers. When I read the answers that my students have written down, I can usually determine exactly what their areas of blockage are. I will give feedback, however, I love it when a student says 'This was the hardest week'. This means that they had to open some barriers that were buried inside and take that monumental look at themselves. Once they look, it is so much easier to take the next step. At the end of the course, they will determine where they are again, and the answers are so amazing on each and every person. They will be no where near what the answers in week 1 were. The growth is absolutely a blessing to all.

I teach students that through life, we all have a process to go through especially on this journey that we are embarking on. The process is that we all have choice, commitment, integrity, action and harmony. These five simple words, can change the entire way that you live your life.

When I chose to go further with my spiritual journey, my spiritual path, and give up the day to day grind of working in a non-rewarding space, I made that choice with much self discovery. When I was absolutely certain about my choice, I decided I would make a total commitment to follow through on this and give every student and client the best that I could possibly give and to do it always with integrity (honesty). When I perform the action of doing a reading, a Reiki healing or an e-course, I make sure I am open for the client to always be in contact with me and ask questions. There is never a stupid or wrong question. They are all important and I answer them all. The result of my doing my work this way is: when I know I have given my all to someone else and they know that as well, I am in harmony with myself. Hopefully the client is too.

My life has changed for the better. Doors have opened for me and I have met so many wonderful new people and sources from across this massive world that we live on. By living by my personal rules, I am blessed every day to be in the presence of other great teachers as well as to be able to teach and give to others that are looking for spiritual guidance.

This is a learning time for all of us, there is always another teacher, another life lesson that we need to learn and if we learn them with an open heart and open mind, our lives will all change for the better.


Sheri Baldwin, RT

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