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Live For Today and Only Today

Life leads us in many directions throughout the years.  Our paths change. They veer off to the left and the right.  We take a few steps backwards and occasionally a huge leap forward.  Throughout these changes, the most important aspect of life is often overlooked.

Are you living in the moment?  Are you living exactly where your feet are planted on the ground?  Are your feet directly below you or are they veering off in another direction? 

Life lessons are important however once they are learned, it is time to forgive them and let them go.  Do not continue to relive them again and again.  Do not continue to bring them up to others. 

When doing readings for others, one of the repeated issues that come up has to do with relationships and why the right person (or any person) isn't coming into their life.  It makes no difference whether the person is male or female, straight, gay, transgender, lesbian.  It makes no difference what the creed or color of the person is.  The problem persists in all cultures.

Delving deeper into the situation, it will come out that someone had hurt the person and they say they've forgiven it and let it go, however when they speak of it, the anger rises up again, the hurt comes out and the result is that it is so deeply embedded in their subconscious that just saying "I forgive it" does not work.

You cannot let another person in until you are free of the baggage of the past, whether physical or emotional.  How can you have a true open and honest relationship with someone when all the 'stuff' of the last person is constantly coming into your conversations or worse yet, you are comparing the two? 

It is important to clear all clutter from your past relationships or the past events in your life so you can live in the now.  If you don't, you will never move forward towards being the absolute best you can be at who you are.

Let go as the past only bogs you down and prevents your blessings from flowing in.  Live in this moment and you will find a multitude of opportunities will come your way.  Be open to receive at all times and live as if this is the only moment in life that matters - because truthfully, it is.


Sheri Baldwin

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