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Love and Answers from Source

As I sit in my quiet corner I am reminded that life is changing around me and my energy is being drained.  The world is getting so negative in its thinking, its actions and its reality.  Why is Source, my God, so far away from our world right now or is it only my thinking that brings me to this conclusion? 

By turning on the daily news, you are bombarded with death, destruction, war and continual negativity.  Suicides are up, deaths from stress are up, heart attacks, strokes and mental illness is up.  Where is that happy point that we all long to feel?  Where is that feeling of peace and love?

So many people feel that you can only find love from another person and their whole life is based on what that person thinks of them, what that person feels about them.  When the inevitable happens, and it always will in that situation, their entire world comes crashing down and that person is left with such a feeling of worthlessness, that they tend to self destruct, and yes, occasionally it ends with death.

There is one place you can find love always.  Turn to Source, your God.  It does not matter what you believe is your God, it is that you believe that no matter what the situation, your God loves you.  Source is always with you no matter what.  You have to be willing to accept that within your soul.

Believe in yourself, love yourself.  God loves you at all times, however most people cannot be happy with what they are.  They are always comparing themselves to someone else, someone that has something better, someone that is happier (or they at least appear to be).  What they don't realize, is that person they are comparing themself to, is comparing themself to someone as well.  Are they truly happy or is it an outer appearance.  I have met people with and without financial wealth.  The happiest, were the ones without that could accept that life is good and love themselves first.  They are the simplictic people that don't have to worry about whether someone likes them for their money only, whether someone likes them because of what they drive or where they live.

I live a very simple life.  My home is my home, it's not big by any means.  It's not fancy by any means but it has something in it that many homes do not.  It has love.  It has love of myself, my partner, my animals and special items which remind me of places, people, family, or just plain old make me smile. My home is far from spotless, I have no one to impress and would rather spend time with friends or family than worrying about whether someone sees a dirty dish, a mark on the floor.  Many houses I have been too, (which are spotless), the owner is never satisfied or happy with the home's appearance or the reflection that they feel the home will have to others.  They are apologizing for the mess or the fact that they have not had it cleaned that day - no matter how clean that home is, they will never be satisfied with it as they have not resigned themselves to just living in the moment.  They are always worried about what someone else will think.  Does it matter that much?  If they are truly your friend, will it matter?  No it will not and if it does, that person was never truly your friend.

Are there issues that you need to resolve within yourself?  Call upon Source and turn all your problems, sadness, hurt, anger, needs, wants over to God.  Just let them all go and don't look at them again.  God will make sure that your needs are met - not necessarily your wants but definitely your needs.  It's amazing. Be happy with yourself and who you are not what you assume you should be for someone else.  Love yourself for who you are and you will find that so much of your life will fall into place.  Those 'problems' that you perceived, will slowly disappear.  Those 'issues' that you perceived, will again, disappear. 

Bring love and Source to the forefront of your life.  Move forward with your life.  Live in this moment.  Pass off all the fears and worries about what someone else will think.  Source loves you always and will always answer your prayers, questions, concerns, needs.  All that truly matters is what you think of yourself, and when you love yourself, life is so perfect. 



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