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Love and Life

I am reading a book called Love and Life by Chas. W. McCrossan (Evangelist) written in 1897. In on e of the early pages it has in it the words:


Open mine eyes that I may see

Wonderful beauties now in Thee

Open mine ears that I may hear

Thine own sweet voice to me so dear

Open my lips that I may sing

For Thee, my prophet, priest and king

Open my heart and enter in

Cleanse me dear Lord from every sin

Open they Word and to me shew

Thy gracious truth that I may grow

Into Thy fulness day by day

Thoroughly cleanse me, dear Lord I pray.


These words later became a Hymn in many of the churches.


If we take a moment to really listen to the words, to read the words and think about what they mean, you will realize these words can touch the inner being of every heart that hears them from the infant to the elderly as it is praise to our Source (mine and your God source).

Even though we have come so far on our journey, there are passages from centuries past that are so relevant in our life today. We are asked to do many things on this journey we are on:

Rescue the perishing

Care for the dying

Snatch them in pity

From sin and the grave

Weep o'er the erring ones

Life up the fallen


Are you doing these things on a daily basis? When you see that homeless person on the street, do you offer them a hug, a warm or cool drink, a sandwich or a meal? When you hear that someone is dying, do you visit them often to offer them and their family comfort or do you avoid them like the plague? When you see another doing horrible sins against Source do you talk to them or do you walk away? This last one seems to the be hardest of all.


I have thought about this much and compared the old style teachings to what I am learning at this time. I have given money to the homeless and I have had a hard time visiting anyone that is dying, I call often, however, I tend to not visually see it as the emotional toll is very difficult when in the presence of disease (or dis-ease). This is an area I must work on.


Now, I do walk away from negativity and actions of negativity. I may try to let the person know that there is a better way however I don't relentlessly continue to work on them. I will pray for them and ask that they see the real truth, however, I cannot be a part of the negative influences of the past or present. I guess that is the difference of my spiritual journey vs the 'Biblical' journey.


It is said that we attract what we are around the most, the type of friend, the ways of those people. I have walked away from friends who drag me and my true inner self down to a lower level. I strive to find those that lift me up so I can be a better person and send better prayers to those that have fallen.


My point of this is how through this circle of life that repeats itself over and over again, there are teachings back in the 1800's that are relevant to us in the 2000's. Technology has changed, the world has changed, we have changed, however the teachings have remained basically the same.


Namaste and have a wonderful day.

Sheri Baldwin, RT

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