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Manifestation for 2014 - Om Brzee Namah

How is your 2014 manifestation journey advancing so far?

My January has been absolutely amazing.  I have held to my lessons from December and January's blogs and have brought myself to a much better place now in my life with a steady flow of love, abundance and health coming in.  I have been blessed with a beautiful healthy new granddaughter who I was able to spend seven days with during the first two weeks of her life.  I was able to send love from the inner depths of me to this baby and watch the changes which quickly took place.  She knew love, she knew safety, she knew comfort and she knew that she would never be alone.  I instilled the protection of the angels into her being and I feel good inside and out as I know she will grow into someone special.

The next lesson I wish to give you is a simple one.  It involves a chant, once a day for 30 days.  If you can do this chant three times a day it is even better, however once will work.  The chant is 'Om Brzee Namah' and is chanted 108 times and usually takes less than ten minutes of your time.  Each one of you has this time.  Remember this is about putting YOU first and manifesting YOUR dreams not those of someone else.

The above link will take you to an amazing You-Tube chant along for this.  Do not rush it.  Do not force it.  Just let it flow. 

Continue to read your list and focus on that one thing that is foremost on your list.  Breathe in the beauty of what is out there for you.

Have you had any successes in January?  What were they?  Did you remember to give thanks for them?  Has your life changed and if yes, how?  

These are all questions you should be asking yourself periodically throughout your month and answering them truthfully.  Remember this is about YOU and no one else.

"I AM whatever I CHOOSE to be."   No one else creates the life you are living. It is created by you and where your thoughts, words and actions lead you.   This is a time to grow and prosper and you all have this ability inside of you.

Blessings to you always and may your journey prosper and grow.

Sheri Baldwin

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