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Manifestation for 2014 - The 2nd Step To Achieving Your Dreams

In the last blog, Manifestation for 2014 - The First Step Starts Now, you were asked to do some soul searching and research into the depths of what you intend to manifest and why.  You were shown how to declare what you intend to manifest.  You were taught how to Thank Universe for providing the means and opportunities for these things to come to fruition and you were asked to commit yourself to this project.

For those of you who were able to create your list, or at least start it -  bravo!  You have taken the first steps.  For those who were able to start writing down the answer to why you wish to manifest those things on your list and how they would benefit or be for the good of all while giving life to others - again - bravo!  Lastly you were guided to give thanks through prayer, knowing and feeling what it would mean to achieve all you intend for your life.

In step 1 you made the decision and declared that you have the will to create whatever you want in your life.  It was and is that simple.

For those of you that have not done this yet, please go back and read the blog from December and do the initial steps.  It is never too late to start however all the steps must be done or this process will not work.

You are now ready for the next step of manifesting your best in 2014..

Take a moment to read your list again.  Yes, I know you have read it many times and should know it by heart by now (or most of it).  Read it slowly and intentionally.  You have some amazing items on your list.  Which one sticks out as you read it?  Which one jumps to the forefront of your psyche as you read?  There will be some things that are more important to you than others.  Each item has an importance, it's a matter of what is most important to you.

You are going to have to choose one of these items to place your focus on (only one).  This is important.  The other items may just manifest their way into your life at the same time however you must pick one in order to not have a cluttered mind.    This is known as having focused attention.  Without focused attention, you will not manifest a single thing.  Your mind will be cluttered and scattered and unable to bring in that which you intend for your life. 

Focused attention teaches you to use your five senses:





sound (hearing)

Every aspect in life has something that invokes one if not all of your senses at the same time.  e.g. a new car - the interior and exterior have a special feel to them; there is the new car smell; you can almost taste the open air as you imagine yourself driving it; it looks sleek and shiney and inviting; when the engine is on it sounds powerful or it sounds quiet and purrs like a kitten.  Senses are utilized in your everyday life, often without you knowing it. 

Now when you look at your list, utilize these senses as you read over your items.  How many of these senses can you put into each item?  How does it feel when you close your eyes and use your imagination?  Can you feel the difference in your mind?  Can you hear the sounds?  Can you see it through your inner sight?  When you are doing this, remember the feeling of each sense as you go through your list and how uplifting and energizing or relaxing it feels.  This is raising your inner consciousness to feel the item as already  manifested.  This is the feeling that you are to hold onto.

The power of attention is an open door to your mind.  When you focus on the positive, you bring in more positive karma.  When you focus on the negative, you again bring in more negative karma.    Everyone at some point is dealing their own karma however you want to improve yours and live your best life while bringing  in much better than you have been in the past.  

Your future is the reincarnation of your thoughts.

The above statement is the complete truth.  You create your own reality.  When you start thinking negative thoughts - STOP immediately  and replace them with positive and uplifting thoughts.  Only YOU can balance your karma.  No one can do this for you.  Balancing your karma is also healing and all healing is mental healing in relationship to karmic events.  Let go of all of your past thoughts and doubts about not being able to manifest.  Open your heart and mind to a new mindset where you CAN and WILL and ARE manifesting every moment of every day.

Back to focus - focus on only what you wish to sustain.  The rest is wasted energy. Focus your full power of attention on what you choose to manifest.  Don't listen to the nay-sayers, listen to your inner being saying "you can do this'. 

As you begin to focus your attention on your list again, you will find that opportunities will appear out of what seems to be nowhere.  The opportunity may not take you directly to that which is on your list, however it may be an opportunity that leads into another one which is directly related.   Each time something comes up, you are going to have to make a choice.  You are to ask yourself the four questions:

1.  "Is what's ahead of me, this opportunity or choice, going to be in conjunction with or bring me closer to what I want to have, be or do?"   If the answer is "no" walk away.  If it is "yes" follow it through.  Every decision is going to have this question as part of it.  Every choice will have this question in front of it.  You are going to make every decision based on your answer to this question. 

2.  "Is this decision going to take me closer to my goal or purpose?"  Again if no - walk away.

3.  "is this in alignment with God's law or Universal law" e.g. Will this bring more life to all if I achieve what I am manifesting.  (going back to that new car - it gave more life to the salesman, the person that built it, the people that work for the insurance company that insures it, the people that own the gas station that you fuel it at  (more life for all).

4.  "Does this interfere with anyone else's right to choose?"  The answer to this question must be no.  If this is going to be hurtful to someone, walk away.  If you are taking money out of the bank to buy the car and you're in a relationship that you discuss big purchases, and you do it without the other person's knowledge, you have taken away that person's right to choose. 

So for step 2 of your manifestation series, you are going to apply the five (5) senses to each item on your list, you are going to choose one (1) item only to focus on and then again, work with the five (5) senses on that item and you will make all decisions in regards to that item based on the above four (4) questions.

Remember that a cluttered mind will prevent you from achieving your dreams. Focus is important.  Not making conscious choices will prevent you from achieving your dreams.  Conscious decision making is imperative.

Next month I will delve deeper into the process however watch out as you may just start manifesting in totality prior to the next lesson coming out.


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