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Manifestation for 2014 - The First Step Starts Now

Most of you have heard of, read the book or watched the movie 'The Secret'.  Many of you have heard of Bob Proctor, David Neagle, Abraham Hicks, Dr Wayne Dyer and the list of so many others dealing with manifesting your dreams.. 

I have decided to give you techniques which have worked for me and many others, derived from many of these teachings to help you create the life you wish to have.  I will be covering different areas of manifestation through the next few months and it is my intention to give you the basics to get you started before 2014 rolls around. 

I am giving each of you a challenge to do this month so when January arrives you will be ready.

The first step to manifesting anything in your life is believing in yourself and that you truly have the ability to manifest your dreams and intentions.   If you have any doubts, this will not work.  You must release all fear you have in regards to bringing in the best life you can have.

Do you truly know what you want and why?  Think about this for a minute.  There are so many people whose first response to 'What would you like to manifest?' is "I want to win the lottery".  Well, that is a great statement however do you want to win $1.00 or $1,000,000.  You can win $1.00 and it is still winning the lottery.  Universe cannot give you what you are not clear about.   You must think in terms of specifics.

Universe will always respond to your intentions, however you must be clear of what those intentions are. 

The example I am being led to give you is "If you won the lottery, what would you do with it?".  You could say "I'd travel" - well, where would you travel?  "I'd pay all my bills off" - what are your bills, be  specific, how much do you owe on each one? "I'd buy a new car" - what year, make and model? What color?  "I'd buy a new house" - where would you buy your house? What would it look like?  How many rooms?  Would it be brick, stone, siding? "I'd help my friends and family".  How would you help them? 

All of the above statements have one thing in common.  They are vague and have no details behind them.  Universe could give you a house and it could be a rat infested shack.  Universe could give you a new car and it could be a total lemon.  You MUST be specific in what you desire. 

Keeping the above in your thoughts, you are going to begin making your list.  Your list is not to include anything that cannot be supported with the specific details of what you are intending to manifest.  You need to know why you're manifesting that particular item, who you're doing it for, and how it will look.  Your list must be very specific in the details. Your items can not be spiteful or harmful to others.  They must all be of a clear heart.

You are going to hand write your list, no computers, no cell phone memos.  You are going to put your personal heart through hand to paper into this journey.  Buy a journal for your intentions only, use it for nothing else.  Label it - My Intentions and Manifestation Journal.  Give it a name so when you see the outside of the journal you are reading that title over and over again. 

Open your jounal to the first page and write, " I, (your name) AM manifesting the following dreams into my life Thank you Universe for providing the means for them to come to fruition.  It is done."  Date and sign it.

You have just made the commitment to yourself and thanked Universe for bringing to fruition all that you desire in your journal.    Next you are going to write down the first intention and when you have finished it, leave at least 5 spaces between what you write and the next one.  Remember be specific.

e.g.  1.  Travel to Sedona AZ - to climb Cathedral Rock, to sit in the vortex and be inspired, to meditate, to grow my spirituality, to rest, to recharge, to be more spiritually fulfilled so I can be of better service to my clients and those I come into contact with every day.

2.  Bring in an additional $100 (or more) every month to put away for my nest egg, to use for entertainment, to use to have fun with, to cover the cost of birthday gifts for my grandchildren, children, spouse.  (Notice how I did not say 'earn' as I don't know how Universe is going to provide this - it could be a gift or an inheritance or one of many other options).

The above two examples are to show you that the details need to be there.  It also shows you that when I put $100 (or more) that I am allowing Universe to provide me with more if Source chooses to send more. 

Continue with your list.  Write down the big things and the little things.  Put the details into it.  If you have a picture, cut it out and paste it to your journal under the item.    It is important to leave the 5 spaces so you can add details later on if necessary and also to put comments in once it has been manifested.

When you have completed your list (and remember you can add more items to it at any time), you will review what you have written and give thanks to Source for all that is about to come to fruition in the following way: "Thank you Universe for fulfilling all my dreams".

How did it feel when you made that declaration?  Do you feel true gratitude towards Source?  Do you feel uplifted or do you feel disappointed and think that it's beyond possible? 

You must be able to believe, give thanks with conviction and feel the joy of the blessings even though they have not occurred on the physical realm that you're in.   They are all there, waiting to be allowed to come into your world.  It is imperative that you believe and feel that excitement, satisfaction and joy that is about to enter your world.

For the first lesson, all I am asking you to do is make your list and start to associate your feelings with receiving each blessing.    Every day you are to read your entire list.  Make adjustments to it if you feel it necessary.  Add to it.  See each item as a part of your life and take note of the feeling you receive from each one.  Read your list out loud every day.  Your list is private so do not tell another about it as those you consider your closest friends or family will try to bash your dreams or bring you down as they are not achieving the life they wish to live.  This is a personal journey and you CAN do it.

Each day you will say the following prayer:  "Thank you Universe for (whatever you have written - read them all off slowly and with meaning).  I know that it is not up to me to decide how to achieve these manifestations as You will take care of the details.  I know that God's face is shining down on me.  He put these dreams and intentions into my heart and He will provide for me.  He is placing the right people before me at the right time.  He is putting the perfect opportunities before me at the perfect time.  The blessings are chasing me down.  All is in Divine order.  I am truly blessed. It is done." 

This is your homework for the month of December.  It doesn't seem like much, however your list will grow and change during the month. You will think of new things that you would like to add to it.  Your priority is to believe in yourself.  You are to work on not letting any doubting or negative thoughts enter into your mind or exit through your words or actions.  You are to keep your focus on the positive and the blessings that are entering your life and that are already here.  You are learning to trust in Universe and to believe in yourself and your abilities.

January's newsletter will have the next step to manifesting your dreams

Love & light to you all

Sheri Baldwin

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