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Message From Sprit Guide Shana

I was woke fron my sleep at 4:30 a.m. With this profound aching in my heart and the sense that something was terribly wrong. Within minutes I was inundated with information of the latest disaster to strike our beautiful mother earth. Japan has just been struck with an earthquake and a tsunami and many other countries, islands and provinces are under warnings of the impending tsunami hitting them. My heart is breaking for these people and yet we have all been warned of the possibilities of the devastation that comes from our abuse of this planet. I called upon my spirit guides for help in understanding and this is the message - received "As I watch over you, I am filled with such sorrow. The earth is changing. Your planet is being destroyed by greed, abuse and disregard for its resources and most of all disregard for each other. You were given so much and yet you have not cared for the gifts bestowed upon you. Life is not a right. Life is not to be casually disregarded. Life is a blessing, a true gift from Source and yet the people have chosen to treat life as well as each other with disrespect and disregard. We all watch over you little one and we all cry with you. We feel your pain, we feel the heartache and the pain surging through your soul. This time, these days ahead are going to be filled with confusion, fear, sorrow and many emotions will surface that have been supressed through the centuries. The time is coming for one's true test of strength. The only answer to your worries and fears is 'LOVE'. Only love can ease the fear. Only love can conquer the events that are about to change your life as you know it. You see the disasters (as you call them) as a frightening time. Do not f ear but be strong and know that these are cleansing processes necessary for the awakening that is about to occur on this planet earth that your physical being is residing on at this time. It is time to connect with those across the planet and those across the many universes that exist and raise your vibration through the one consciousness that exists when all are joined in one belief, one thought - LOVE. This will be your saving grace. This will ease the pains in your heart. This will free you from the bonds of mankind that have caused you so much pain. The time of the earth's change is fast approaching. We will watch over you as we always have. We will hold you in our protective cloak as we always have. It is time for change and a time for rapid growth. You will soon return to us however there is more work to be done before that can happen. You will know when the time is right. You will know what has to be done, as will those of like consciousness. Soon little one we will watch the world return back to the beautiful peaceful state that Source intended it to be." Thank you Shana for sharing with us. Love, peace and light to you all Namaste, Sheri

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