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Not What I Wanted to Hear

When I do readings I do them from a place of love.  I give the customer exactly what comes through to me at the time.  Yes, I've had wonderful testimonials and I've had hang ups.  No psychic is 100% accurate and readings are not set in stone.  Humans have free will and can truly change the course of where they are going.

One client's feedback to me has stuck out.  She said, "Sheri did not tell me what I wanted to hear and at first I was angry.  Then after I considered what she said, I realized that she told me exactly what I needed to hear."

So often we doing things in life and expect a particular outcome and are angry, upset or frustrated that the answer we were seeking was one created by our own ego.  When things are not in compliance with that part of self, watch out.  It involves work which so many will not admit they need.  However, if they were so happy, why are they calling and asking the same question over and over from one psychic to the next?  They hope that even though five psychics told them the same information that they need to hear, there will be one that will confirm what they want to hear.

I have been contemplating this a lot lately. There are many things that each one of us does not want to hear.  There are many circumstances that lead people to become arrogant and protective of that part of them that they do not want to look at.

When messages come to many of us and we are giving a reading; we do not tell you things to upset you.  We tell you the messages we get for you.  It is that simple.  We do it to help you better your life, your relationships or your health. 

Each one of us has free will and choice.  You can choose to listen or you can choose to ignore your messages and wonder why you are stuck in the same place four or five years down the road. 

Listen to your intuition (just below your heart) and not your heart. Your heart has so many emotions attached to every situation; your intuition (gut) does not.  Your intution is your guides giving your the message that was meant for you, helping you to choose properly and go forward with your life and not stay stuck in the mud. 

Listen ... can you hear?  Can you feel your guides surrounding you? 

It is that simple.

Blessings, Sheri Baldwin

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